An International Women’s Day conversation with Allison Alley and Clare Steele

  • By: Compassion Canada
A 91-year-old Ecuadorian woman sits wearing traditional clothing and holding flowers in her hand. Behind her is a field of green grass and trees.

To mark International Women’s Day, Compassion Canada’s President and CEO, Allison Alley, and Compassion Australia’s CEO, Clare Steele, connected for a live conversation about the current challenges faced by women living in poverty and how we can respond. Watch the recording of their conversation below!

In this livestream, Clare and Allison discuss:

  • The stories of women in Compassion’s program that inspire them.
  • The challenges faced by women living in poverty around the world, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How Compassion’s program helps women, including mothers, overcome those challenges, and how each of us can respond.
  • Their post-pandemic hopes as leaders.
  • Women in their lives who have impacted their faith and lives.
  • How they hope to lead in ways that enable women to flourish now and as we move into the future.


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