Lessons in leadership during the pandemic: An interview with Allison Alley

Compassion's President and CEO joins the Leading with Nice podcast
  • By: Compassion Canada
Leadership during the pandemic

Allison Alley recently joined the Leading with Nice podcast to share some reflections on her first year as CEO and the lessons she learned while leading during the global pandemic.

“Through the COVID reality specifically, we’re dealing with all kinds of secondary impacts: hunger, disease and hygiene needs,” Allison told Leading With Nice. “Overnight, the numbers of people that we care for changed from two-million kids to about six-million people now that we’re caring for entire families.”

In the interview, Allison and host Mathieu Yuill discuss:

  • The importance of clear and candid communication during a crisis.
  • How leaders can work collaboratively and interact compassionately.
  • Why it matters to build relationships with people/organizations perceived to be your competitors.
  • How to raise compassionate kids.
  • The books and podcasts she reads to grow as a leader.

Loneliness and the Leader with Allison Alley


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