A gift for you: free devotional resources

3 Free, Faith-Building Resources from our Family to Yours!
  • By: Compassion Canada
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In this time of social isolation, it’s easy to find ourselves wondering how we’ll fill our days. Streaming shows and movies, testing out new recipes and organizing closets have become our new normal! For some, this time of quarantine has been restful. For others, it’s been just plain stressful.

Regardless of how we fill our time, it’s easy to let our minds fill with questions, doubts and fears. But, the reality is this: We are not alone, God is here and He desires us to draw close to Him.

That’s why we want to offer you some incredible, free devotional resources, to help you and your family press into God’s word in this uncertain time.

From faith-building media and discussions to games and activities, we have something for every generation. And we want to gift them to you today! All you need is an internet connection.


 1. Step into My Shoes

This devotional for familiescomprised of 7 videos, readings and activitiesaims to help children understand what it means to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in caring for those in need while exploring the question, “What does it mean to have enough?”                                                                                        

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2. Explorer Magazine

This free, award-winning magazine teaches children about issues of poverty in a biblical way. This incredible family resource is packed with stories of Compassion children around the world, fun crafts, devotionals, recipes and games.                                                               

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3. Eyes to See

This perspective-shaping devotionalcomprised of 30-daily readings, a six-part film series and a discussion guide—aims to help individuals and (virtual) small groups delve into discussions about a biblical understanding of poverty and the Church’s role as God’s chosen instrument to bring hope and healing to our broken world.

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We pray that these resources would help you and your family grow closer to the Father’s heart in this season of uncertainty!

 P.S. Check out some more fun, faith-filled resources on our blog and Explorer at Home.