8 ways a bicycle empowers a child

What has two wheels, two pedals, and a great big smile? 
  • By: Laura Phillips

In honour of World Bicycle Day, we want to take a minute to tell you why at Compassion, we are huge fans of bikes!

Did you know that all across the globe, in many low and middle-income countries, children have to walk massive distances by foot just to get to school?

In fact, one of the biggest barriers to a child’s education is the physical act of getting to school! Going the distance by foot makes children vulnerable to harassment, heat exhaustion and lost productive time at school. But, bikes can alleviate these threats and allow children living in poverty to get to school safely.

They also offer a host of other benefits. Let us tell you about them!


1. Bikes help kids carry more cargo for their chores and jobs.

Little girl wearing an orange shirt and a green skirt smiles while sitting on her bike


2. Bikes help kids get around safely and without harassment.

Mother stands beside daughter who is on a bike with a green shirt smiling back at her


3. Bikes help kids get to school on time so they don’t miss a beat.

little boy wearing a black backpack and a blue bike on a dusty red road


 4. Bikes give children the gift of mobility—taking them where they need to go in less time!

Little boy in an orange shirt and an orange hat grins on his bike


5. Bikes give kids and their families access to markets to buy and sell food.

family of 5 smiles with fruit on their bicycle


6. Bikes help kids stay active and healthy.

Little girl holding giraffe stuffy is on a blue tricycle


 7. Bikes promote gender equality, giving girls more access to water, schools, markets and jobs!

little girl holding a pink bike on a sunny day smiles


8. And not to mention, they’re just loads of fun!

Little boy wearing a blue t shirt pulls up the handlebars of his bike so the wheel is in the air.


When you give a bike, you create a chain reaction. Will you help empower a child to pedal into a brighter future?

Give a Bike!