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Family World Tour invites your family to grow closer to God and grow curious about the amazing world we live in! 
  • By: Compassion Canada
Title page for Family World Tour devotional. A cheerful blue background features youthful lettering and objects including an airplane, globe, elephant, ukulele and soccer ball

A fun new devotional reading plan for the kids, Family World Tour, has just been released for YouVersion on the Bible App!

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Written by Compassion Canada writers Laura Phillips, Rebekah Malbrecht and Lindy Brown, this devotional is perfect for dinner-table conversation or before-bed Bible time. Designed just for families, (especially kids age 6-12), this guide will help you explore life in 14 different countries where Compassion partners with churches to help kids.

How do you find it?

  • You can access the devotional on desktop or mobile by going to this link.
  • You can access a physical copy of the plan when you download this PDF.
  • Or, you can find it directly in the app by searching for “Family World Tour”. Just look for this image in the Bible App:
Cover for Family World Tour You Version reading plan. The title is surrounded by fun objects - a globe, a plane and an elephant

Plan description: Have you ever wanted to travel the world and meet the girls and boys who live there? The Bible tells us that Christians are all part of one big family, no matter where they live. Come along with us on a Family World Tour as we find out what kids just like you are learning about following Jesus! Help your family grow closer to God and grow curious about the amazing world we live in!


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