Do you remember when we announced that Compassion is expanding into four new countries?!

Malawi, Zambia, Cambodia and Myanmar are all brand new program countries, totalling 29 program countries for Compassion altogether! We are so excited to see how God will work through our incredible church partners in these countries in the years to come.

Today, we want to share some exciting news: Compassion Zambia has launched its very first Compassion program!

Three pregnant moms smile and pose in a brick doorway.

In partnership with New Jim Church of Nazarene in the community of New Jim in Chipata, Zambia— a community also known by the name Navutika which means “I am suffering”— the church has registered its first 65 program participants.

Here to share all the details, including the community’s tragic struggles and the church’s vision for revitalization, is Pastor Alex of New Jim Church.

Come and hear how God is working in this very special corner of Zambia!

My community’s challenges: No health care, safe water or education

A man wearing a suit and tie smiles in front of a church building.

Pastor Alex of New Jim Church of Nazarene.

I am Pastor Alex, and I have served in this community for nine years.

As the pastor of the New Jim Church of Nazarene, I have seen our people, especially the children,  endure countless challenges which have robbed them of their hope and future.

When I first heard about Compassion and its work of partnering with churches, I was excited. Their mission to release children from poverty aligns with our church’s commitment to creating better lives for the children in our village.

The challenges experienced in our community have cast a long shadow over our aspirations for a better life. Some of the most pressing problems have been a lack of safe water and poor sanitation, and a lack of medical care.

“We aspire to turn our poverty-stricken village into a place of hope, opportunity and progress.”

People rely on shallow wells or endure high water costs from water kiosks. Most of them are forced to use the wells, which makes them sick, severely draining our community’s resources and productivity.

When people get ill, they have to travel long distances for medical attention. Sometimes, they find prescribed medications too costly to afford, leaving them in a vulnerable and distressing situation. Access to health care is simply out of reach for many people.

Accessing education is another challenge, making it almost impossible for many children to attend school regularly. The only school available to our children is two kilometres away. This has left numerous children languishing at home without knowledge and skills that could transform their lives.

A new horizon for New Jim, Zambia

Parents are registering their children in the program. There are two white tables with women holding papers, and parents lining up.

Parents from the community being registered at New Jim Church of Nazarene for the new Compassion Zambia program.

The arrival of the Compassion Child Development Program has brought a new dawn in our village.

We just successfully welcomed 65 participants into the program. I am so excited! The presence of mothers and children at the church brought so much joy. I know they are as hopeful as I am. This is a significant milestone for us.

As we move forward, we hope that the challenges that have weighed down on our community for too long will finally be met with comprehensive solutions.

We aspire to turn our poverty-stricken village into a place of hope, opportunity and progress. With the support of Compassion, we will work with community leaders to create a better tomorrow where our children can thrive and develop.

The program also presents an avenue for us to share the Word of God, not only with the children, but with the community.

We look forward with hope to a time when children in this community will have empowered minds that will foster a foundation for a progressive future. Our community can shine as a beacon of progress and prosperity in this part of Zambia.

What the community is saying

Eighteen-month-old baby Sophia lives with her parents in New Jim. Her family has faced many difficult challenges like financial strain, hunger and lack of a decent home. But since the new Compassion centre opened up in her village, everything is changing.

“Today, I am excited! It seems God is answering our prayers,” says Elina, baby Sophia’s mom.

Baby Sophia, one of the first beneficiaries of the new Compassion centre, with her mom, Elina.

Baby Sophia, one of the first beneficiaries of the new Compassion centre, with her mom, Elina.

“Sophia has been registered in the Compassion Zambia program. I have faith that the church will help us take care of her well-being. She is the first child to have such a life-changing opportunity in our home, and this gives me an immense sense of hope and joy.”

Baby Sophia is just one of the many children who will have a chance to step through the doors of New Jim Church and into a future of possibilities.  For mom Elina, it feels like the start of something momentous.

“I am not certain what the future holds for her in the program, but to me, this feels like a lifeline. It is something that will change her life and create opportunities for a better future for her. For now, I’ll cling to the hope that Sophia’s enrolment could be the key to unlocking a better life for her and our family.”

How you can pray for this blossoming Compassion Zambia centre and its community

Little girl in a blue dress and pink sandals holds her hands together and gives the camera a big smile.

Here are a few specific ways you can be encouraging Compassion Zambia and their first Compassion centre, shared by Pastor Alex:

  • Pray for growth and impact that will transform the lives of the first 65 program participants through God’s power.
  • Pray for the children and their families to come to know how much Jesus loves them and truly thrive.
  • Pray for Pastor Alex, the centre staff and volunteers to be filled with wisdom and love as they strategically support the participants and their families. Pray that the church would be given favour and respect in the community.
  • Pray for local church partners across Zambia, that God should stir up a heart and passion for the leaders to transform their communities.
  • Pray for the Compassion Zambia staff to have unity of purpose as a national team, and that God would equip them to support the local churches in their ministry to serve children in need.

A Compassion centre is a safe haven for children in poverty.

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Laura Phillips

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