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I find it difficult to write letters to my sponsored child.

Last Updated: June 18, 2014 9:52 am

We know that sponsored children treasure their sponsor’s letters and many children read the letters repeatedly. We also know that some sponsors struggle to know what and how to write to their child. Your letters do not need to be long and you do not need to write more than three or four times a year but please do write. You can use our special writing paper or write online ( ).

Some hints that we hope will help are:

Keep your letters simple and not too long.
Talk about your family and ask about theirs.
You could share about your interests or hobbies.
If you have pets, let your child know. They may have an animal too.
Do you have a garden? Many children are involved in growing some form of crops.
Share favourite Bible verses. Your faith is something you have in common.
Ask clear questions. This helps you get to know your child and helps them know what to write to you.
Occasional photographs and postcards add interest, and give something else to talk about in the letters.
Remind your child that you are praying for them.
Your letters are your personal, emotional giving to your child. Let them know that you love and value them.

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