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Why can’t I contact my sponsored child directly?

Last Updated: March 19, 2013 10:49 am

There are a number of reasons why we ask that you don’t communicate directly with your sponsored child. One of the important features of our program is that it enables project workers to understand the child’s struggles and to provide help and support. Having your sponsored child’s letters go via the project allows the project staff to become familiar with your child’s needs, and to help them appropriately. Corresponding directly with your sponsored child would prevent the project staff from knowing what support the child is requesting. By limiting all correspondence through Compassion projects, we are also able to protect sponsors from receiving unsolicited or inappropriate requests from members of your child’s community who may otherwise gain access to your personal details. Most sponsored children speak other languages, so by having the correspondence go through Compassion, we are able to translate the letters, from your child, for you.