This Giving Tuesday

What’s happening?

Acute hunger has always been a life-threatening issue for children and families living in poverty. But with COVID-19 in the mix, things are now a lot worse. Because of the pandemic, an additional 10,000 children are dying each month because of hunger.

It’s a result of the destructive collision of extreme poverty and the global pandemic. Parents are losing their jobs. Money is scarce. Food has become a luxury.

Acute hunger may be rampant, but Compassion’s church partners around the globe know the specific needs of children and families in their community. This includes all hunger-related needs as well.

They have already been working tirelessly to provide emergency food packs to children and families in desperate need. But their resources are running thin. When you give, you are helping our church partners keep the momentum going to provide more families in their communities with life-saving food.

What can you do?

This Giving Tuesday, your financial gift will directly provide children and families in poverty with desperately needed emergency food packs, including essentials like rice, oils, oats, milk, corn and meat.

Help make hunger history in the lives of children and families in poverty.

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You’re making a difference.

Compassion staff journey through the desert to deliver food to Lismar’s impoverished village.

Six-year-old Lismar’s parents have always struggled to provide for her and her two siblings. With minimal job opportunities in their low-income community in Colombia, one or two meals a day had become the norm.

But when the pandemic hit, Lismar’s parents lost their occasional jobs, and any shot at an income. Empty stomachs are now an everyday reality.

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Your compassion in action

With a severely injured father, Mim’s family was left without food. Then, everything changed.

As the sole income earner, when Farid injured his back and was left bedridden, his family was plunged into a desperate situation. Despite his wife’s best efforts, begging from neighbours and borrowing from family, they worried how they would put food on the table for their two girls, Mariam and Mim. The little money they earned was just enough to cover Farid’s medical bills.

Mim’s family is one of 50 million in Bangladesh that has been drastically affected by COVID-19.

“All I ever prayed and hoped was for someone to see our vulnerability in this crisis and help us,” says the girls’ mother. “I couldn’t find an answer to my problems.”

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“For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat.”

Matthew 25:35

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A girl holds a medical mask and hand sanitizer in her hands

Hygiene Kits $25

A young girl stands at a hand pumped water well and pushes on the handle.

Water Wells $100

A middle aged boy stands with his mom in the door way of there small home. The home is made out of corrugated steel.

Rent Assistance $50

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