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What’s happening?

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern part of Haiti, causing extensive and tragic death, injury and destruction. It can be easy with the time that has passed to assume the impact of this disaster has diminished, but for children living in Haiti, the devastation is a daily reality.

The earthquake hit home… literally. Approximately 14,000 Compassion children were directly impacted in the region where the earthquake hit. Houses, roads, businesses, churches and government buildings have been damaged or destroyed, including the homes of 12,000 Compassion children.

This has tangible and practical ramifications for the 5,000 children whose homes were completely destroyed and the 7,000 children whose homes were significantly damaged. But, it also has an emotional and psychological impact on the children whose lives were shaken by this disaster.

Compassion’s church partners in Haiti have been present for children in the aftermath of the earthquake and are fully committed to the short- and long-term disaster response. The destruction is extensive, and they need the resources to ensure that children remain safe, secure and cared for. When you give, you are helping our church partners holistically meet the most pressing needs of the children who are recovering from this devastation.

What can you do?

This Giving Tuesday, your financial gift will help rebuild and restore safe homes for children and provide them with access to trauma counselling.

Help give home and hope back to children and families in Haiti.

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Soraya and her grandmother stand outside the tent that they live in.
You’re making a difference.

How a Compassion centre was a source of help and hope immediately after the earthquake.

Six-year-old Soraya and her grandmother, Ana, were extremely thankful that during the earthquake they were at the church for Soraya’s regular Compassion centre activities. When the quake hit, the building’s walls stayed standing. However, they returned home to a devastating sight. The walls of their home had collapsed. It was uninhabitable.

Soraya and Ana returned to the one place they knew they would help: the Compassion centre that had kept them safe from the earthquake. As they looked to the long road of recovery and faced the reality of losing their home, it was through the generosity of Compassion donors and the presence of the Compassion staff that they received the special hope that only comes through an answered prayer.

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“Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes.”

Isaiah 58:12b (NLT)

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A girl sits outside her front gate, holding kit full of hygiene and cleaning supplies and smiling.

Hygiene Kits $25

A teenage girl leans against a rough, wood post. She has a despondent look on her face.

Mental Health Support $50

A family of three stands in the doorway of a newly constructed home. It's sturdily built out of cinder blocks and wood, with a steel roof

Home Reconstruction $1,240