Help Haiti in a time of urgent need.

What we know about the immediate aftermath

At this time, we can share that buildings of approximately 50 of our local church partners were destroyed or report heavy damage. Those churches serve approximately 17,000 children and their families. Due to infrastructure and road damage and because of communication outages, the impacts to specific children and churches will not be immediately available.

We have created a page where you can get the most up-to-date info from Haiti. Visit it here.

Please note: If the child you sponsor has been directly affected by this earthquake, we will contact you when we have more information.

Our response

Above all else, we ask that you pray for those who are affected by this disaster. May God move and may His Church move to comfort, help and strengthen those impacted.

Whenever crisis and disaster strikes, Compassion’s local church partners are already on the ground ready to respond in their local communities.

We also ask that you give, to help meet the immediate and urgent needs caused by this disaster for the children and communities we serve.

As the situation develops we will invite you into more opportunity to give as the children and families we love look, again, to recover, heal and to rebuild.

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