If you could sum up our ministry in a phrase, it would be “holistic child development.”

This concept of holistic child development is key to Compassion’s ministry. It means we don’t simply respond to poverty by handing out food or Bibles. Instead, we seek to develop children in all the different aspects of their lives—their minds, bodies and relationships—while equipping local churches to share the love of Jesus with them.

How does holistic child development work?

Through Compassion’s programs in partnership with local churches, children are ministered to in every aspect of their lives, receiving:
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Age-appropriate Christian teaching and discipleship at a local church
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Formal and non-formal educational opportunities
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Health care, hygiene training and supplementary food
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Personal attention, guidance and love
And because of this, over two million children in 29 countries are learning the skills and receiving the opportunities they need to overcome poverty!

Does it really make a difference in children’s lives?

You bet! According to independent research, Compassion kids are:

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27–40 per cent more likely to finish secondary education
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About 35 per cent more likely to have white collar employment as adults
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40–70 per cent more likely to become church leaders

… than their unsponsored peers. With results like this, holistic child development seems a lot more exciting, doesn’t it?

Why focus on children?

For a long time, the focus of helping others has been giving people things. But what Compassion has learned over the years is that things won’t change communities—people will.

Real and lasting change happens when children are developed to become the adults who will create change in their community. In Compassion’s program, children learn they are loved, they begin to develop hope for their future, and they realize that God wants to use them to help others. And these children grow up to be givers and community leaders.

Why partner with the local church?

Compassion works exclusively with local churches because they can best understand and respond to the challenges in their communities. They are known and trusted by their neighbours and are able to reach those in the greatest need.

What’s more, the Church is the institution God ordained to carry out His work. Compassion exists to enable the Church to fulfill her mission of making disciples of all nations and caring for those in great need.

Take the next step—help the Church fulfill her mission of making disciples and caring for those in need!

Come alongside one child as their sponsor and give them the resources and care they need to become all God intended them to be. Help churches meet the unique needs of their communities, such as helping infants get health care, providing clean water or responding to an urgent need.

With your help, the Church can fulfill her mission of making disciples and caring for those in need!