Brazil is a country that has been under the spotlight in the global scene for the past few years.┬áHosting the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 soccer World Cup, the world has been able to get an inside look at the vibrant, colourful culture of Brazil. These events gave us a glimpse into the beauty of this country, the diversity of it’s people and the excitement of it’s celebrations. We all got to see Brazil’s shining moment.


However, these events came with the price of increased exploitation of Brazil’s vulnerable children. Many children in Brazil live in dangerous slums (called favelas) and experience hopelessness. Poverty exposes children to many difficult situations such as abuse and even risk of abduction. This fear squelches dreams. In the midst of this bright and lively nation, poverty casts a shadow on the future of many of Brazil’s children.


Pray that every Brazilian child will find the holistic care that nutures vibrant, colourful dreams. This beautiful, diverse country has a future to be excited about when it’s children are protected, valued and loved. Pray that the light of Christ will bring hope into the lives of the Brazilian children facing the dangers of poverty so that they can live out their fullest potential!


Prayer Points

1. Pray that vulnerable children in Brazil will be nurtured by meaningful, life-giving relationships.
2. Pray that the local church in Brazil will fight for the rights of children in their areas and help protect them.
3. Pray that Brazilian children will recognize their value and come to see the gifts and abilities God gave them to make a difference in the world.


Lord, we pray for the children of Brazil. Thank you for the wonderful culture and rich diversity that these children belong to. Help them to know how precious they are and how bright their future is when they put their hope in you. Protect them from the dangers of poverty and bring them into the care of loving, nuturing relationships that will help them to dream in ways that honour You and contribute to their communities. Amen.