“The tangible love of Jesus that the church showed changed their story of despair into a story of hope.”

Late last year, more than 4.5 million Venezuelans fled their country due to the ongoing social, economic and political factors that created a humanitarian crisis. They arrived in Cucuta, Colombia, displaced and desperate, with not much more than the clothes on their backs. Local church partners worked tirelessly to support Venezuelans through this crisis with food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs but now they are faced with yet another crisis: COVID-19. The critical needs of these migrant families has not gone away. They have only increased during this global pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced many Venezuelan migrants to cease all income-generating activities and this has created crippling financial stress. Pray for these brave migrant families. That they would rise above the pandemic with the support of Compassion and their local church community.That they would lean into the Hope of the world, for strength. Praise God that the local church has become a light to shine hope in the midst of their darkness.


Prayer Points

1. Pray for the protection of vulnerable children during this pandemic. Many are victims of abuse, living in overcrowded homes with many family members.
2. Pray for provision of critical supplies and support through church partners who are aiming to meet the most urgent needs of children and their families during this difficult time.
3. Pray for the salvation of many as they recognize their value as God’s beloved children.


Lord, thank You for the tenacity of migrant Venezuelan families who are striving, against all odds, to build a better life in Cucuta, Colombia. We come to You to ask for protection and safety in this foreign land, that they would be warmly welcomed and supported by Colombians in their new communities. We pray that they will run to You to find the peace and security they seek. Grant them opportunities, Lord, to grow closer to You through the outreach of the local church and find everlasting hope in You. Amen.