It has been a prayerful season. All across the world we are facing turbulent times and unprecedented situations. We have all been interceding in many ways. In some ways, we intercede for the things that are close to home. In others, we intercede for the Lord’s intervention on a global scale.

    We recognize that you have already been in prayer for the COVID-19 crisis. We want you to know that we are joining you too, in prayer for yourselves, your family and your loved ones. We invite you to continue to pray for serving in the front lines, for government leaders, pastors and public servants. We are partnering with you in prayer for all of these things that are close to home.

    Although not close to home, we know that Compassion countries are close to your heart. A great burden for children across the world is resting on our hearts as we join you in interceding on their behalf. We think of Compassion staff in these countries who are courageously and selflessly caring for children in this time. Our minds turn to children as we lift them up in prayer for protection, health and safety. We join you in prayer for their families, asking God to provide what they need and to intervene on their behalf.

    Thank you for your prayerful commitment to Compassion. We are always grateful for your heartfelt intercession as you lift up this ministry in prayer. In this season, more than ever, we are honoured to join you on our knees to lift up this ministry and these precious children.


    Prayer Points

    1. Pray for Compassion sponsors. Pray that they will be secure in the Lord through this time.
    2. Pray for Compassion staff around the world. Pray that God will keep them safe as they continue to serve children.
    3. Pray for protection and health for Compassion children. Pray that the Lord will provide their every need and keep them in His care.


    Lord, we come humbly before Your throne and recognize Your sovereignty and goodness. We ask, by Your name, that you will care for Your people in this time while we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. We think of all of the Compassion sponsors and the diverse way that this situation is affecting each of them and their families. Be near them, oh Lord. We also think of the Compassion staff around the world. Bless them for their love and commitment to each and every child. Keep them safe as they serve. Lord, above all, we lift up each child to You. You know them intimately and care for them deeply. We ask that in Your affection, You would keep them and their families safe, healthy and provided for. Show mercy and compassion to them. Amen.