Culture. A significant part of all of our stories. Culture is a deeply significant part of our world. It is the patchwork that humanity is made up of. Like in every corner of our globe, the country of Ecuador has its beautiful mosaic of culture and people groups and every part of the mosaic matters in the grand design. This month’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is a wonderful occasion to pray for the nation of Ecuador, where many indigenous tribes reside. We recognize the rich and diverse cultures that are found within the country and pray that every ethnic group will be valued and experience the love of Jesus.

Ecuador was home to the Inca Empire before 1532 when Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro invaded. The country then went through centuries of colonial rule until Ecuador became independent in 1830. There is rich history, many people groups and an assemblage of languages found with its borders. All of these factors are valuable and significant parts of every Ecuadorian child’s world.

We can pray that these significant components which shape Ecuadorian children’s lives are validated and honoured. We can invite Christ to work in every ethnic group within Ecuador so that children are released from poverty in Jesus’ name. We can grow closer in partnership and community in ways that are Christ-like and reflect His Kingdom!


Prayer Points

1. Pray for the development of resources in indigenous tribe’s native languages.
2. Pray for the local church as it works within its cultural settings to meet pressing needs and share the love of Christ with families living in poverty.
3. Pray for children to recognize the unique ways that they contribute to the Kingdom of God.


Lord, help us pray for the children of Ecuador in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for children whose culture and context is different than our own. May they find hope, joy and purpose in the love of Christ, as we seek to overflow with Your love in our own lives more and more each day. Bring Ecuadorian children to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to their hearts this month. Amen.