The start of a school year looks different for many countries around the world but going back to school in September has Canadians thinking about education.┬áRegardless of when a school calendar begins and ends, we can all agree that education is very important for children all over the globe. Education deeply affects a child’s whole life. It gives them opportunities, skills and develops their reasoning and critical thinking. It prepares them for the future. We often think of these particular benefits when we think of education.


    But, there is a significant side of education that we often overlook, especially regarding those in poverty. This is the fact that education is also preventative. It can prevent dangerous situations such as child trafficking, child marriage, child labour and even deaths during childbirth. Education plays a vital role. It protects and provides a future for a child who is vulnerable to these evils.


    This month, pray that the tool of education will open opportunities for children in poverty and do its part in protecting them. Many children have a deep desire to learn. Let’s pray that they are able to attend school and achieve the purposes and plans that God has for their lives.


    Prayer Points

    1. Pray that more children will receive the opportunity to have an education.
    2. Pray for educators and the valued role they play in the life and future of a child.
    3. Pray that the darkness of poverty will be counteracted by education and that communities will be transformed by the opportunities that education provides.


    Lord, we pray for this crucial, life-changing need of education and the deep impact it brings into the lives of children across the globe. Thank you for the protection that education brings to vulnerable children and for the future that it provides. Bring teachers to mind this month as they invest in children and communities and bring students to mind as they diligently set their minds on their studies. Amen.