Have you ever felt insecure, misplaced or looked down upon? This is a reality for many Guatemalan children today. This month, we are taking time to pray that every Compassion child in Guatemala will find their identity in Christ as a child of God.

The country of Guatemala still feels the lingering aftermath from past seasons of injustice and discrimination. From the mid-19th century until the 1980’s, Guatemala has faced dictatorships, insurgencies, coups and stretches of military rule. As a country, they had very little in terms of representative government in their recent past. This turmoil has been detrimental, particularly towards girls, as this unsettled history has often perpetrated violence towards women. We pray that this generation of Guatemalans will stand secure in the love of Christ and find their place in the family of God.

With a new generation rising up, we recognize that our prayers will make a difference in their lives and the nation of Guatemala. Every child who grows up with a grounded sense of who they are in Christ and a deep connection to their local church has the potential to bring new life to this beautiful country full of rich tradition and culture. Every child has value, a voice and a place in God’s Kingdom. Let’s pray that they come to understand this truth.


Prayer Points

1. Restoration of identity in Christ for this new generation of Guatemalans.
2. Sense of belonging within the family of God and nourishing church communities.
3. Opportunities for Guatemalan girls to grow in skills and confidence.


Lord, help us pray for Guatemala in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for our brothers and sisters who are a part of the family of God to which we all belong. May there be restoration of what was broken, lost and discouraged due to discrimination and injustice. Bring Guatemala to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to the hearts of Guatemalan children this month. Amen.