“To survive in Haiti, you must be resilient. We have no choice.”
Ephraim Lindor, a Compassion Haiti Senior Tour and Visits Specialist, shares about the strength the Haitian people have developed.

Resilency and hope. Haiti is a beautiful country that has had to lean heavily on these two things. Ten years ago, Haiti faced a catastrophic earthquake which deeply impacted the nation. Six years later, in 2016, Haiti endured another natural disaster in Hurricane Matthew. Haitians had no choice but to develop resilency in the midst of incredibly difficult situations. They had to grasp on to hope when they faced circumstances that were out of their ability to control.

Reflecting on these past ten years for Haiti, let’s remember that Haitan children have grown up in the wake of these challenging circumstances. This has a profound impact on them as their parents, families and communities have been shaped by these things. We continue to pray for them to find their hope in Jesus and the future that He has for them.


Prayer Points
1. Pray that children in Haiti will feel a sense of security in Christ despite the turbulent circumstances that have been a part of Haiti’s recent history.
2. Pray that the parents, families and communities surrounding these children will embody resilency and hope to them.
3. Pray for the local churches as they continue to rebuild the communities around them and provide safe places for children to flourish.


Lord, we think of Haiti and all that it has gone through in these past ten years as a nation. We come to you and ask you to be a shelter and a safe place for Haitian children to build their lives. We give you praise for the resilency and hope that has developed in this nation in the midst of all of these circumstances. We ask that you continue to do a good work through the church so that Haitian children can grow, learn and develop the good purposes you have for them. Amen.