Compassion’s ministry is unique and effective in that it focuses on holistic child development. It means we don’t simply respond to poverty by handing out food or Bibles. Instead, we seek to develop children in all the different aspects of their lives—their minds, bodies and relationships—while equipping local churches to share the love of Jesus with them.

    Relationships are crucial to a whole and healthy life. It is vital for children to have mature adults in their life who affirm their value, express love and give wise counsel. Many parents deeply love their children but poverty often necessitates that these parents work demanding and time-intensive jobs to provide for their families. This is part of many children’s realities and it can rob children of these types of relationships.

    This is why letter-writing is so valuable to Compassion children. This is a need that a loving sponsor can fulfill through their letter-writing relationship. There are also people who dedicate time to write to children whose sponsors are unable to correspond in order to bring this type of relationship to these children. Words of affirmation, love and counsel have a profound impact on the lives of these children. Letters contribute to the holistic child development that Compassion seeks to employ in partnership with the local church.

    We pray that these relationships will bear much fruit in the lives of children. That these sponsors and correspondents will come to understand the impact of the words passed back and forth. It is a vital part of this ministry.


    Prayer Points

    1. Pray for sponsors and correspondent volunteers to feel that their letters are making a difference in children’s lives.
    2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide these relationships and conversations between child and sponsor.
    3. Pray that these letters will have great impact in the lives of children and their families.


    Lord, we pray for the relationships that are built through letter-writing. Thank you for the impact that life-giving words can have on a child’s life and for the rewarding ministry this can be for sponsors. We pray that this profound tool will be used by sponsors to participate in the holistic development of Compassion children. We pray that the words found in these letters will bring much affirmation, love and counsel into the lives of children and that they will receive it with open hearts. Amen.