There is a strength in mothers. They serve one of the most essential roles in all of human culture. In this challenging season, they are essential to their families in so many ways – working hard to provide their families with safety and wellbeing amidst circumstances they have never faced before.

    We invite you to pray for mothers – both here and around the world – as they weather these new dynamics affecting their families. Pray for expectant mothers – that they would have peace to soothe anxieties. Pray for mothers with young children who are feeling overwhelmed right now – that they would have patience and grace for each moment. Pray for the single mothers – that they would find strength in the Lord and endurance in this season. Pray for working mothers who are weary from trying to balance work and home life – that they would find rest.

    As we think of those prayer requests and the burdens that mothers are shouldering in this time, we can see their incredible strength and resilience. It is not always easy for a mother to see this in herself in the midst of all that she is juggling and caring for. We lift up mothers in prayer this month to honour the essential work that they do for their families and to encourage them in a season when they need it most.


    Prayer Points

    1. Pray for the mothers that you know and the needs you are aware of. Perhaps reach out to one of them to find out how you can pray!
    2. Pray for the mothers in Compassion countries. Pray that they will find grace in this time and provision for their family’s needs.
    3. Pray for Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund as it impacts mothers and caregivers around the world.


    Lord, we come to you today to lift up mothers in this challenging season. Thank you for the gift that they are. We ask, Lord, that you will supply their every need. Encourage them through Your Word and Your people. May they know that their role is essential and incredibly valuable. May they find grace where they feel inadequate. Give them hope, strength and dignity as they care for their families. Bless them and keep them. Amen.