Extreme poverty in Thailand has created a very unsafe environment for many vulnerable children due to the sex trade industry. Poverty creates desperate need and therefore, desperate situations, choices and circumstances. Thailand is one of the world’s most popular sex-tourism destinations and this $12 billion-dollar industry capitalizes on those who are most vulnerable.

We may be gripped by overwhelm when we think of the vulnerable children in Thailand and the seemingly pervasive darkness. But take heart, God has placed His light in Thailand! The church is alive and active, bringing hope, stability and freedom to many children who face desperate need. The church is doing this through holistic child development; caring for vulnerable children’s needs physically, cognitively, socio-emotionally and spiritually.

We can stand together in prayer this month for the vulnerable children who have yet to be reached by the church in Thailand. We can praise God for the way that the church is responding to the desperate need and bringing light into children’s lives. Our prayers are powerful in bringing hope and encouragement to the Thai Church and to the precious children they serve.


Prayer Points

1. Pray for God’s light to break into the dark circumstances many Thai children face.
2. Pray for the pastors of Thai churches as they work tirelessly to bring hope to their communities. Pray for wisdom, discernment and resources.
3. Pray that God will work miraculously for the children caught in the sex-trade. Pray that He will deliver them from desperate situations or having to make desperate choices.


Lord, You are light. We praise You for how You dispel darkness wherever You are. We come to You and ask that You intervene in the lives of children in Thailand who feel hopeless and trapped in dark circumstances. Be their defense and their light. Free them from oppression and bring them into Your love. Be an ever-present help for the Thai Church as they shine Your light into their nation. We ask You to equip them to reach more children so that they will be released from poverty and all that it encompasses, in Your name. Amen.