Remember the feeling of anticipation you had as a child when you were waiting for good news? Perhaps this was waiting to find out if there would be a snow day, waiting for a parent to come home from a trip or waiting to find out if you got the birthday gift you were hoping for. Remembering that feeling of hope and anticipation in our own childhood can help our hearts deeply respond to children at Compassion centres around the world who are waiting for a sponsor. Sometimes we respond to this reality by sponsoring a child or sharing about Compassion with a friend or family member. This month, we are inviting you to respond in prayer.

    For those children who are newly registered at a Compassion centre, we can thank God that they now have access to support through Compassion’s program while waiting for a sponsor. We can pray that they feel loved and supported by the Compassion staff and that they quickly make friends with the other children. We can pray that these children will soon be connected with a loving sponsor who will build relationship with and encourage them.

    For those children whose sponsor had to make the difficult decision to stop sponsoring, we can thank God for the provision and love that sponsor was able to provide. We can pray that the child will feel safe to talk about how they feel with the Compassion staff, not being disheartened by their circumstances. We can pray that they will be connected with another sponsor who will continue encouraging and supporting them. And for those children who are close to graduating from the program, we can pray that they will have the determination to continue pursuing their dreams.

    There is much we can pray for. We know that every prayer helps support and encourage the children who are waiting for the good news that they have been sponsored.


    Prayer Points

    1. Pray for children to be connected with loving sponsors.
    2. Pray for good relationships to be built with Compassion staff and the other children at each centre.
    3. Pray for deep encouragement in this season of waiting.


    Lord, help us pray for unsponsored children in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for those children who are waiting to be connected to a loving sponsor. May they find peace in the waiting and may their hopes be fulfilled. Bring unsponsored children to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to their hearts this month. Amen.