One thing that COVID-19 has reinforced for all of us is the life-saving practice of washing our hands. We have been reminded of how valuable it is to properly wash our hands regularly. We easily adopt this practice with diligence by walking to a sink, turning the tap and lathering up. But what if we didn’t have running water to turn to?

    Running water is not the reality for many families around the world. This means that this life-saving practice of handwashing is much more tedious and can even be impossible in certain circumstances. As the world deals with this global pandemic, access to proper hand hygiene is extremely important.

    Clean and safe water is a desperate need for many vulnerable communities. We can pray that this need will be met for children and their families so that they are afforded protection from and prevention of COVID-19.


    Prayer Points
    1. Pray for creative solutions in communities that have a lack of access to clean water in this time.
    2. Pray for the work being done to provide hygiene products to vulnerable children and their families.
    3. Pray for the resources to make clean water available in communities who have little to no access to it.


    Lord, You know the great need of communities who need access to clean water right now. We come to you and ask that you will provide in miraculous ways. Thank you for the way that the Church is reaching out and practically meeting this need where they can. Provide all that they need to continue this good work. Amen.