Why a custom visit?

We call them Custom Visits because each one is unique. From where you meet your child, to the friends and family you bring along, and the time of year you travel, a Custom Visit lets you make the choices. These are some of the ways you can craft your own special experience.

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How you can visit…

woman and child
Visit your Compassion child

A custom visit may include sharing a meal, touring the child development centre, and visiting your child’s home. You may also request that your child be brought to your location.

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children sitting in a classroom
Visit a child development centre

You’ll experience Compassion’s work first-hand with a trained guide during a child development centre visit.

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group of people walking
Visit as a group

Group visits may include an outing with sponsored children, sharing a meal, and a visit to the child development centre.

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group of children waving at camera

What you need to know…

Here you will find Compassion’s guidelines and rules regarding Custom Visits, including expense information and our child protection policy. Please take time to read through everything here in order to familiarize yourself with Compassion’s expectations and role in your Custom Visit.

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