An announcement about our work in India

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Compassion will formally end all program operations in India on March 15, 2017. This is a decision that affects over 147,000 children, their families, and over 589 church partners.

Compassion began working in India in 1968. Over the years, over 282,000 children, babies, mothers and young adults have completed the program. However, in February 2016, the Indian government began preventing Compassion funds from entering the country.

Compassion was not the only ministry impacted. More than 20,000 non-profit organizations had their charitable registrations revoked, and 300 currently face similar restrictions. We believe this is due to increasing scrutiny against non-governmental organizations, the desire to reduce dependence on foreign aid, and the threat of Christian influence in a predominantly Hindu nation. As a Christian ministry, our program provides Biblically-based curriculum, and we believe these values are applicable to all people regardless of religion.

A young Indian girl is embraced by her mother. They sit in front there home which appears to be in a slum.

Because we care so deeply about the children in our program, we have explored every possible opportunity to resolve the conflict. However, the Indian government has not lifted these restrictions, and our field office funds are nearly depleted. After much prayer and nearly a year of effort to remedy the situation, Compassion has begun the process of closing our program. We have also begun notifying our sponsors that our India program operations will end March 15.

Despite the end of Compassion’s work in India, we know that God’s work has not ended. We serve a faithful, almighty God who will continue to work in the lives of these precious children. The local church remains committed to their communities. And the investment made by each sponsor in their child’s life will have a lasting impact.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Compassion and for children in sensitive countries like India. We ask you to continue lifting up the many precious children, families, staff, pastors and sponsors who are affected by this difficult transition.

If you sponsor a student in India, thank you for your unwavering support and for investing in his or her future. The seeds you have planted will continue to grow. We will be in contact with you to outline next steps as well as provide information on how to pray for and send a final message to your sponsored child in India.

Written by: Compassion Canada

  • Marty Vandenberg

    Isn’t there a way to set up an exclusively Indian branch of Compassion. Run and organized by people from India?

    • Emily Pippel

      This is an interesting idea, @martyvandenberg:disqus, thank you. The two Compassion India offices were located in the country, run and organized by locals with funding from supporters in other countries. Unfortunately, an Indian branch funded by Indian supporters could face similar scrutiny, given the current climate and Compassion’s identity as a Christian organization. We are thankful that the local churches that have been associated with Compassion will remain in their communities. While they may not be able to maintain the same degree of service to children in their communities, their heart and passion for the well-being of those children is the same. We are very hopeful that meaningful ministry and support will continue in some manner.

      • Marty Vandenberg

        If foreigners are allowed to support local churches and local churches are running an affiliate or parallel program? Any further developments?

        • Emily Pippel

          Hi @martyvandenberg:disqus. I’d encourage you to check out this update regarding Compassion’s work in India: At this time we, sadly, do not have the means to send funding to these churches from abroad. That being said, we are receiving word that many churches have been able to continue to offer support to these children due to generosity within the Indian church community.