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Canadian real estate company models faith and generosity

Fulfilling a dream to do business with a purpose: an interview with Calgary, Alberta’s Brett Wellman, owner of Purpose Realty

date: September 23, 2020
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Providing survival and stability as COVID-19 spreads

Compassion Canada’s Executive Director of Partner Relations, Jamie MacIntosh, recently joined the Word Made Digital podcast with Joanna la Fleur to discuss Compassion’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and why unity among organizations is so critical during this unprecedented time.

date: September 8, 2020
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A portrait of Sidney Muisyo

Why the local church is the most strategic development partner

An interview with Sidney Muisyo, Compassion’s Senior Vice President of Global Program, on the Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

date: August 31, 2020
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Allison Alley - President and CEO of Compassion Canada

Eliminating poverty through the local church

Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada, recently sat down with Jason Ballard on the Canadian Church Leaders Podcast to talk about Compassion’s work and why the church is God’s Plan A for bringing love, hope and healing into the world.

date: August 18, 2020
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A helpful road map for the restless heart

Award-winning author James K. A. Smith recently connected with Compassion Canada to chat about his latest book on St. Augustine to discuss why ancient wisdom is important for the contemporary journey of faith, and why tangible ministry to children in extreme poverty is important.

date: August 13, 2020
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Chelsea Amber, Compassion Canada Ambassador and Award-winning musician

Being an ambassador of true hope and change

Chelsea Amber is a Juno-nominated singer/songwriter who has toured Canada and the USA. Compassion Canada’s Managing Editor connected with the musician to discuss her music, sharing hope in the midst of a pandemic, and why she serves as an Ambassador for Compassion Canada.

date: July 27, 2020
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Why a faith-focused magazine matters now more than ever

Karen Stiller of Ottawa and Bill Fledderus of Hamilton are both senior editors at Faith Today: Canada’s Christian Magazine, one of the country’s longest-running multi-denominational magazines. They recently spoke with Compassion Canada’s Managing Editor, Andrew Kooman, about the importance of religious journalism in Canada and how Faith Today connects and champions the Canadian church.

date: July 24, 2020
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Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada speaks with Bridge City News

How Compassion Canada responds as COVID cases rise in low-income countries

Many of the families we serve have no safety net, so when a pandemic or economic crisis hits, they face new and increased vulnerabilities. Our President and CEO talks with Bridge City News about the cascade effect of the pandemic and how Compassion, in partnership with the local church, is responding to the great need.

date: July 10, 2020
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Tips from the NHL’s Reimer family on making the most of summer

We spoke with NHL family and Compassion sponsors, James and April Reimer, about making the most of the summer after James, who plays goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes, is done the busy NHL season.

date: June 30, 2020
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Compassion’s Photojournalists: their stories

Compassion’s Photojournalists are passionate about their jobs. And we can see why! Here are some of their favourite—and most impactful—moments. ____ Sara Navarro: Brazil When I was younger, I wondered, “God why was I born as a girl?” The world looked so much easier for men. If I were a boy I could do so […]

date: June 25, 2020
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