What gifts do sponsored children get at Christmas?


Through Compassion’s Christmas Gift Fund, each child Compassion serves gets a gift at Christmastime. The gifts vary from country to country, and all of them are bought locally by our church partners.┬áHere’s a peek at just a few of them!

These toddlers in Rwanda got a set of nice clothing. In many African countries, it’s traditional for parents to get children a nice set of clothing for Christmas. It looks like these little ones have some growing to do!

Little girls and boys wave their hands in celebration at the Christmas party

This boy in Kenya got a new shirt and some jeans.

A boy smiles in a close-up with his new clothes on his shoulders

At this centre in Ghana, the children received nice clothes the previous year. As the children’s clothes were still in good condition and most families struggle to provide enough food for their children each day, this church partner decided to give food supplies for a Christmas present.

Rejoice Sicikwa Letsu happily holds her gifts of food and vegetable oil in a close-up during the special event Christmas party celebration

Often the gifts are practical. This girl in a cold, mountainous region of Guatemala got blankets to keep warm and a ball.

A girl smiles with her new gifts in hand from the Christmas party at project

This student in Rwanda received a new backpack for his studies.

A man in a suit gives a young man a black new backpack as a gift at Christmas

In other places, church partners will allow children to request what they want. At this centre in Peru, some children got toys, some got shoes and some got clothes.

Various Christmas media

In some places, children can go shopping for their Christmas gifts, either using vouchers or by returning receipts to Compassion. These boys in the Dominican Republic got clothes, flip flops and games.

Amauris Jimenez Jimenez and Adoni Jimenez Jimenez smile together standing in a store holding toys on a table with games and clothes

This little girl in the Philippines went shopping with her mom and got a sleeping pad, some hair bands, a shirt and a necklace.

Maria Bea Morabe walks with her mother through a department store with clothes for sale

Compassion staff always carefully track presents, to make sure each child receives a gift.

Project staff workers sit at a table together with one writing in a notebook

Thank you for your support to make Christmas special for each Compassion child! Let’s pray children will be drawn closer to Christ this season.

Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.