Want to Peek at How Canadians Outloved Poverty Through Gifts of Compassion 2019?

Take a look at what you accomplished by Outloving Poverty this Christmas season!
  • By: Compassion Canada

Nearly 4,000 Canadians came together this Christmas season with the global church to bring tangible hope to children and families living in poverty through Gifts of Compassion!

You raised your hands. You opened your heart. And you loved large.

Raising more than $1.25 million dollars, Canadians rallied together to ensure children in poverty received gifts that were practical, desperately needed and completely life-changing.

You proved that what is needed to end poverty is not loud, or boisterous or aggressive. It’s small and steady and faithful. It’s the selfless action of extraordinary open-handed people like you!

Here’s just a peek of what Canadians accomplished through Gifts of Compassion 2019!


1,662 Emergency Kits for Venezuelan Refugee Families.

Little boy holding a teddy bear crossing the border


1,100 Goats for Families in Uganda.

A women wearing a red and white dress is holding a baby goat.


193 Safe Water Bundles for Families in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Peru.

One little girl and one little boy smile with their arms around eachother beside a rainwater filter.


1,520 Chickens for Families in El Salvador.

Little girl with a pink shirt holds 3 baby chicks in her hands smiling.


Vegetable Seeds for 1,100 Families in Uganda.

A Ugandan woman stands in front of her stad of vegetable seeds and tomatoes


427 Dental Kits for Children in Bolivia.

3 kids are showing the camera their toothbrushes and smiling


63 Art and Play Bundles for Children in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka.

Boys on a playground laughing


114 Education and Training Bundles for Children in Uganda, Togo and El Salvador.

Little girl is at her desk at school writing in her book, looking at the camera


…and that’s just to name a few!

From food for malnourished children and mosquito nets to home reconstruction and emergency surgeries, you outloved your heart out. And with each of these gifts, children and their families not only receive the gifts, but the education and training they need to make the gifts effective and sustainable!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for choosing to outlove poverty this season. The impact you have made is real, tangible, and eternal.


 “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

-Romans 13:8