Compassion’s mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. We carry out our mission by partnering with local churches. We are passionate about the Church and equipping Jesus followers to live out the call to “remember the poor” (Galatians 2:10). In the fight against poverty, we desire to see every child flourish, every Jesus follower engage in the mission and every life changed.

Compassion Canada’s devotionals on the YouVersion Bible App exist because of our heart to equip the Church here in Canada and around the world to respond to the poverty, injustice and need in the world. Our team of writers has put together several free devotional reading plans just for you, to help cultivate biblical perspectives on justice and compassion. They are all available through the Bible App.

Some of our plans include real-life stories from around the world about how God’s love and the compassion of people are transforming lives. These stories come to us from our international photojournalists, and the photos we provide from the field are real photos of the people in these stories, not stock photography.

We know not everyone is looking for the same type of Bible reading experience, so we have plans for everyone! Below is more information on all the devotionals we currently have available on the Bible App. We’ve broken them into categories so you can easily find exactly what topic you’re looking for. We even included and a sneak peek at new plans coming soon!

1. New Plans

Eyes to See: Reflecting God’s Love to a World in Need 

A girl peeks through a small gap in a wooden fence. She has a shy smile. This is the cover art for Compassion's Eyes to See curriculum series.

Length: 42 days (6 weeks)

Themes: love, poverty, justice, becoming like Jesus

Description: Jesus had compassion, especially for those facing poverty injustice and inequality. What is our response? Do you see the world the way God does? If you want to go deeper and understand the spiritual root of poverty join us for this 42-day video-assisted bible study. Ideal for group study or a challenging personal journey. Abridged and updated from the original study material ( Edit Post “New YouVersion plan: Eyes to See” ‹ Compassion Canada — WordPress

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Dinner Table Devos

Child reaches over their plate to play with a toy that is nearby. White plate on a white placemat displays colourful vegetables.

Length: 5 days

Themes: food, gratitude, family, global citizenship

Description: Have you ever thought about how food is a really amazing gift from God? Food makes our bodies work, it connects us to others and sharing it is a great way to love other people! In this kids and family dinner-table bible reading plan, kids age 4-9 and their families will learn together. Plan includes downloadable activity pages, memorable (and easy!) meal challenges and fun food facts!

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2. Prayer Plans

Prayer for a Hurting World


Cover graphic for the "Prayer for a Hurting World" devotional, which includes the title, Compassion's logo and an image of an Ethiopian girl praying with a Bible open on the table in front of her.

Length: 3 days

Themes: Justice, global issues, praying through scripture

Description: Praying through scripture is a great way to refresh your prayer life. This 3-day plan centres on God’s heart for a hurting world and offers practical ways to pray through His Word.

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How to Pray for the Global Food Crisis

Length: 3 Days

Themes: Awareness, action, advocacy, praying through scripture

Description: The world is facing a crisis of food insecurity and hunger. When crisis hits, God’s people are called to pray! You will be invited to become aware of the crisis around the world, use scripture to intercede for those suffering and pray for God’s leading in our response.

New: This devotional is also available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese!

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3. Christian Living

God’s Honour for Our Shame


Cover image for God's Honour for Our Shame You Version plan, a young woman sits in a church pew and looks up toward the light

Length: 7 days

Themes: Shame, forgiveness, peace with God, overcoming our past

Description: Shame makes us feel unworthy, rejected and alone. It causes pain and suffering — but the gospel has a solution to our shame! In this 7-day devotional reading plan, you will learn how God’s honour transformed not only people in the Bible, but also the lives of people today.

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A Heart of Service


Two women pack brown bags. The image reads "A 3-day reading plan: A Heart of Service"

Length: 3 days

Themes: Service, gifts, talents, love, volunteering, relationships, community

Description: God has blessed everyone with gifts and talents. What has God put on your heart, and how can you use those things to serve others? Learn how to identify and engage your gifts and talents with a servant’s heart in this three-day devotional plan. This plan includes stories, call-to-action questions and prayers to guide and help us practice what we have read.

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The Beatitudes: Global Perspectives on the Way of Jesus


Length: 8 days

Themes: Beatitudes, justice, wisdom, humility, mourning, mercy, peacemaking

Description: Jesus introduced an upside-down kingdom of servanthood and radical love. In this 8-day study, dive deep into the Beatitudes to experience Jesus’ countercultural challenge to resist selfishness and fear and live in love.

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Hope Amidst Hardship

Length: 4 days

Themes: Hope, suffering, anxiety, peace, kindness, intentionality, lament, gratitude

Description: In a broken world, it’s hard to cling to hope at the best of times. It’s even harder in seasons of pain. But the beautiful thing about the hope of Jesus is that it’s not contingent on what happens in this world. This hope is already ours. This four-day plan will help you explore practical ways to cling to and share hope with your neighbours, even in times of uncertainty.

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Living Simply, Loving Fully

Cover graphic for the "Living Simply, Loving Fully" devotional, which includes the title, Compassion's logo and an image of eucalyptus branches.

Length: 6 days

Themes: Simplicity, generosity, compassionate consumption, Jesus-centred lifestyle

Description: It’s easy to get bogged down by distractions that take our attention away from what really matters. But as Christ-followers, we’re called to live quiet lives centred on love for God and our neighbours. This six-day plan includes a daily challenge to focus our hearts and minds to live simply and love fully in a world filled with distractions.

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4. Seasonal Plans

A Global Advent: 25 Stories of God With Us Around the World

Three girls stand outside with books. Text on the image says: A Global Advent: 25 stories of God with us around the world

Length: 25 days

Themes: Advent, Christmas, God with us, children, stories, global, culture, church, community

Description: Many of us will not travel to every corner of the world, except through stories. Stories transport us into countries, communities, churches and homes that we may never visit in our lifetime. Stories are essential to us. This Christmas season, we want to invite you to a global Advent. Advent, an anchor to our Christian life and faith, draws our attention to a child—a baby in a manger. This child is Emmanuel, God with us. And from that very first Advent of His coming, He has been with us ever since. In this global Advent, you are invited into the stories of children around the world who have experienced God with them. In their stories, we hope that you will see that the hope, peace, joy and love of Christ are still vibrantly expressed in our world today.

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If Only You Knew: An Easter Devotional

Blue image that reads if only you knew: an Easter devotional

Length: 6 days

Themes: Easter, grace, love, hope, abundant life

Description: Look at the events of Easter with fresh eyes and discover how Jesus experienced them in every way. Journey through the Last Supper, the events of Good Friday, the holy waiting of Saturday to Resurrection Sunday, exploring the social, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of what Jesus did for us. If only we knew just how fully He gave Himself for us…

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Every Good Gift: An Advent Devotional

A teen in a blue shirt holds and pen and smiles at the camera. Text says Every Good Gift: a 5-day Advent devotional

Length: 5 days or 28 days

Themes: Hope, peace, joy, love, justice, gifts, giving, gratitude

Description: Join us during the Advent season on a journey to explore every good gift that God has given through Scripture and stories from around the world. Walk through the themes of a good life, the good news, good deeds and good gifts found in the book of James.

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Postures of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional (2020)

Postures of Advent - A Compassion Canada Christmas Devotional on The Bible App

Length: 27 days

Themes: Simplicity, worship, surrender, Christmas, Advent

Description: How we posture ourselves in the Christmas season makes all the difference in our experience of the miracle of Advent. Be inspired to surrender to Jesus, refocus on Him and embrace the grace of our King in this 4-week daily devotional as you move through five different postures: Eyes Fixed, Head Up, Knees Bent, Hands Open and Arms Wide.

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5. Kids and Family Plans

Compassion Family World Tour: For Kids

Cover for Family World Tour You Version reading plan. The title is surrounded by fun objects - a globe, a plane and an elephant

Length: 14 days

Themes: Learning, family, God’s love, kids

Description: Have you ever wanted to travel the world and meet the girls and boys who live there? The Bible tells us that Christians are all part of one big family, no matter where they live. Come along with us on a Family World Tour as we find out what it’s like to live where they do, and what they are learning about following Jesus!

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Living Out the Fruit of the Spirit: For Kids and Families

A cover graphic that reads "Living out the Fruit of the Spirit for kids and families".

Length: 9 days

Themes: kids and families, fruit of the Spirit, living it out, following Jesus

Description: Every follower of Jesus is invited to live out the fruit of the Spirit. In this plan for kids and families, learn what the Bible says about each fruit, read stories of how kids around the world live them out and get practical suggestions about how you can live them out in daily life.

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6. Coming Soon

Our next plan will release  in April 2023. We’re always working on new plans for you!

As one of the world’s leading child development organizations, Compassion partners with the local church in 25 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families.

Today, two million children are discovering lives full of promise and purpose as they develop in all the different aspects of their lives—their minds, bodies and relationships—while giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ at a local church. Learn more about Compassion.