How does Survival work?

Every day, thousands of innocent babies around the world are born into highly vulnerable circumstances that put their very survival at risk.

The mission of Compassion’s Survival initiatives is to give these precious children a healthy start in life and to show both mothers and their babies that they are personally known, loved and protected. But we can’t do it alone.

With your help, we can give mothers living in poverty the tools they need to change the story for their children— today, and for generations to come.

Monthly support for mom and baby

$80 provides monthly support for 1 mom and baby.

Support a mom and baby for a year

$1,000 provides support for 1 mom and baby for an entire year.

Support 15 moms and babies for a year

$17,000 provides support for 15 moms and babies for an entire year.

The impact of your support

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93.6% of Survival newborns were in the normal weight range, compared to 76% worldwide.

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90.3% of Survival births were attended by a skilled health-care professional, compared to 51% in low-income countries.

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97% of Survival babies were born full-term compared to 90% in low-income countries around the world.

Mother and Child

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Source: UNICEF