Ethiopian woman putting grain in her hand from a bowl of grain

Food Crisis Relief in Ethiopia

Many families in the southern and eastern regions of Ethiopia are facing a food crisis due to a severe and prolonged drought. Compassion’s frontline church partners serving children and youth in these regions have reported that many families have lost all their crops and have been unable to plant new seeds. Your gift will provide 43,531 households with emergency food relief.

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Survival Program in Haiti

Of the 5.9 million children who die around the world each year, 75% die in the first year of life. Babies are at risk of death due to birth complications, infections, pneumonia and diarrhea. But this is preventable. With training and support, moms in poverty can be empowered to raise healthy and happy babies. Your gift will provide 15 moms and their babies the essential care they need during the critical prenatal months and first year of life and set them on the path to a fulfilled life in Jesus Christ.

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Haitian mom holding Haitian baby & kissing his cheek

How will your money help?

Through your monthly donation, the child you’ve chosen to sponsor is enrolled at a Compassion centre at a local church in their neighbourhood. Here, they receive holistic care, including formal and non-formal educational opportunities, health care, hygiene training, supplementary food, personal attention, guidance and love, as well as the opportunity to hear about and experience the love of Jesus from caring local church staff and volunteers.

Child at the Compassion Center

Where does the money go?

Your donation helps children and families escape poverty for good through life-changing interventions. Your contribution will be delivered through local churches around the world by staff members in the field who know the immediate needs of children, families and communities.

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Compassion Canada is a registered charity in Canada. Donations made on this webpage will receive a Canadian charitable tax receipt for Canadian taxation purposes. If you are a resident of another country, you are welcome to give a donation but please note that the charitable tax receipt will only be useful for Canadian residents. For more information, please contact Maria Dulnuan.

Frequently asked questions

How much of my donation goes to the project I have chosen?

Financial integrity matters to us. We take your trust seriously and are committed to faithfully stewarding the funds you give. No less than 80 per cent of funds raised will be used for program activities and no more than 20 per cent will be used for fundraising and administration. You can give with confidence knowing that every dollar is used to maximize impact on behalf of children living in poverty. You can learn more about our finances at

How will I know the impact my gift had?

We know how important it is for you to stay informed about the impact of your generosity. Compassion provides churches, businesses and donors with comprehensive reports that outline how funds were used and include photos and quotes directly from program beneficiaries.

When can I expect my income tax receipt?

Compassion Canada issues charitable tax receipts annually in February in the name of the donating individual or business.