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Providing students in Indonesia with vocational training so they can pursue careers in the hospitality industry

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The Need

As Compassion-assisted youth near their graduation from the sponsorship program, equipping them with the skills they need to get decent jobs and become self-supporting is a top priority. However, vocational training in Indonesia is very expensive. Families living in poverty simply can’t afford the fees, with most caregivers working as day labourers or in seasonal jobs that barely cover their living expenses. After graduating from high school, most students are only eligible for low-paying jobs. They know that higher education would change everything but they just can’t afford it.

Compassion Indonesia has established a partnership with Graha Wisata Asri, a hospitality education institute managed by Hotel Laras Asri Resort and Spa in Salatiga. Graduates of this program can move on to get jobs in hospitality or pursue further studies in tourism at a local college. This partnership has already equipped one batch of Compassion-assisted young people with employable skills.

Seeing the success of this program, 15 frontline church partners in the Salatiga and Kabupaten Semarang areas identified 28 more students who they felt would benefit from vocational training. These students demonstrated maturity in their faith, dedication to their studies and an interest in pursuing vocational training in the hospitality industry.

Our Response

With your support, 28 students from 15 churches in Indonesia have passed their entrance exams and are receiving vocational skills training at Graha Wisata Asri, a hospitality college which partners with hotels across Central Java. While the shift to remote learning during the pandemic presented challenges, we are pleased to report that students are doing well and plan to graduate on schedule.

Hotel Laras Asri, which manages the program in Salatiga, is a four-star resort and spa that also includes a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, restaurant and cake shop. The 12-month training program includes six months of classroom learning followed by a six-month practical internship in each student’s chosen course of study. Students have selected from a variety of courses that include front desk management, housekeeping, food and beverage service, culinary service and patisserie. With a strong focus on practical application, the program equips students with hands-on experience that will enable them to get jobs in their field as soon as they graduate.

Students started their classes in August and had their final term exams in January. Next, the students will begin the internship portion of the course. At the end of the course, successful students will receive a certificate that will qualify them to earn job placements or pursue further studies. Local contribution allows students to pay for transportation to and from the college and other items such as books and stationery items. In addition to the education courses, students are also learning life skills, such as good social and communication skills, time management and professionalism.


In-class training: Students attended lectures onsite following COVID-19 health protocols. They also enjoyed hosting guest lectures, such as the one given by the general manager of Columbia Asia Hospital.

Course selection: After passing an entrance exam, students were invited to choose an area of study. Options included housekeeping, hotel reception, food and beverage preparation and service, accounting, engineering and pastry-making.

Hands-on learning: Students participated in hands-on lessons and role play activities, learning how to operate equipment, properly prepare and serve food and beverages and set tables.

Your Gift Provides...

• Hospitality training for 28 students at Graha Wisata Asri, Indonesia, including:
○ Registration fees
○ Books, tools and equipment
○ Tuition fees
○ Graduation fees
○ Miscellaneous costs (stationery, photocopying, etc.)

ReportThank you for your generosity

By helping these students gain vocational skills in the hospitality industry, you are giving them the opportunity to get decent jobs and become economically self-sufficient. Salatiga and Kabupaten Semarang are growing communities, and employment is becoming increasingly competitive. Getting vocational training will give these students the edge they will need to secure a job after graduating.

Your generous gift has expressed the love of God in a powerful way to these students. As they continue their training, they can see His presence, kindness and intervention at work in their lives. They are also developing self-confidence as they make new friendships and take responsibility for their studies. A much brighter future is now on the horizon, as these dedicated young men and women start looking forward to supporting themselves and their families and to being able to serve their communities.

Church staff are grateful, too. This is an incredible opportunity for them to minister to the needs of the most vulnerable in a tangible and practical way and shine the light of the gospel in the community. Thank you for giving young people real hope for the future!