A boy smiles exuberantly as he gives another boy a piggy back ride across a shallow, muddy river.

Restoring a bright future that was lost is possible.

Children 10 years old and older are often left unsponsored. Because many Compassion supporters prefer to start their sponsorship journey by sponsoring younger children, children in this age group are frequently passed over. And yet, older children who live in extreme poverty have urgent needs—just like younger children.

Not only are they caught up in a world filled with disease, hunger, violence and fear, but they are at a critical and impressionable age.

Through sponsorship, children are equipped to make good life choices and develop holistically. Many are able to complete higher education and pursue careers, impacting their families and communities for good. Today, there are still many older children waiting for life-changing opportunities like this.

Success stories of older sponsored children

A teenage girl stands in front of a stone wall

Carmen’s story

A sponsored girl becomes the National Junior Champion in rhythmic gymnastics in Peru.

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Richard the Inventor

It’s 3 a.m. Richard Amenu, 17, quietly gets up from the cramped room where his family of six is…

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How hammocks help teens

A group of positive and inspired teenagers is an unconventional sight in Carazo, Nicaragua. In this…

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You can restore the promise of a brighter future to an older child.

Through sponsorship, these children are free to hope and dream and to step into the futures that God has for them.