Get a friend to sponsor a child. Spark something life-changing.

Freeing more children from poverty is actually as simple as

1 + 1 = 2

Your impact is doubled with one meaningful action:
find a sponsor for one child in need.

Here’s how. It’s as simple as…

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A meaningful conversation

Invite your best friend, neighbour, book club, classmates, or hockey team to change a child’s life by telling them about sponsorship. It’s that easy.

If only you knew…

how a conversation can transform a life.

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A meaningful

When time is short or friends are far, you need a simple way to share.

We’ve got it covered. Simply click and send this invitation.

If only you knew…

how a simple message can have an impact.

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A meaningful post

Social media is at our fingertips, every hour, every day. When we use it to give those we love a glimpse into what’s important to us, it can change lives.

Post a picture of your sponsor child with #IfOnlyYouKnew

If only you knew…

how a social post can bring meaningful change

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