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A young student works at a computer with a teacher standing behind her. Both are wearing protective face masks.

How do you do remote learning when you don’t have a computer?

Sharon was one of two million students preparing to write Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education final exams this year. These exams define students’ futures, influencing their entry into university. For Sharon, these exams were the next step towards her goal of pursuing a law degree. You can imagine her anxiety when her entire school year […]

date: October 27, 2020
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Ariane pulls a fishing net on the shore of the ocean.

Day of the Girl: Life for girls around the world

What does life look like for a 12-year-old girl around the world? Are the challenges Ariane faces in the islands of the Philippines the same as those troubling Esther in the foothills of Arusha, Tanzania? In rural Colombia, does Dayana enjoy the activities that Shamika loves across the ocean in Haiti? Do they have same […]

date: October 8, 2020
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Stephen stands in the street, holding a certificate.

On World Teachers’ Day, meet one of the Philippines’ top teachers

Teachers around the world pull off every day heroics all the time—and even more so in a global pandemic. October 5th is World Teachers’ Day, and we want to celebrate teachers around the world who daily inspire and equip the next generation. As an organization that’s all about releasing children from poverty, we hold teachers […]

date: October 1, 2020
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Sara stands in front of her house wearing a school uniform and holding a sign that says "First Day of Second Grade".

8 scriptures to bring back to school with you in uncertain times

Stick these scriptures in your notebooks, write them in a lunchbox note or send them to someone who needs an encouraging word!

date: September 3, 2020
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Smiling female entrepreneur looking through a window while drinking coffee and working at a table in her kitchen

A gift for you: free devotional resources

In this time of social isolation, it’s easy to find ourselves wondering how we’ll fill our days. Streaming shows and movies, testing out new recipes and organizing closets have become our new normal! For some, this time of quarantine has been restful. For others, it’s been just plain stressful. Regardless of how we fill our time, it’s easy to let our minds fill with questions, doubts and fears. But, the reality is this: We are not alone, God is here and He desires us to draw close to Him.

date: April 3, 2020
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An Inspiring Update on the Boy with the Bright Blue Eyes

Two years ago, we shared the story of the incredible Ugandan baby boy with ocean blue eyes and a bold streak on his forehead. Today, Shakul is 4-years-old and is taking the world by storm despite his physical difference.

date: January 31, 2020
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Brothers Pioneer a New Way of Life for their Migrant Family

Oosamai’s family used to move to find work wherever they could. Thanks to the support of a local Compassion centre in Thailand, they’re now settled and his sons are attending school consistently for the first time, empowering them for a different, sustainable future.    

date: January 23, 2020
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Want to Peek at How Canadians Outloved Poverty Through Gifts of Compassion 2019?

You raised your hands. You opened your heart. And you loved large.

Raising more than $1.25 million dollars, Canadians rallied together to ensure children in poverty received gifts that were practical, desperately needed and completely life-changing.

date: January 22, 2020
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Children smiling and running in a playground in Kenya.

The rights of children—in photos

{4 minute read} November 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. According to UNICEF, it is the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history, in which world leaders “made a promise to every child to protect and fulfil their rights, by adopting [this] international legal […]

date: November 14, 2019
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A group of girls in Latin America.

3 ways the world has changed for children in 30 years

In this article: God’s heart for children reflected in the global effort to uphold the rights of children. Three ways the rights of children have advanced over the last 30 years. Why we can celebrate and look to the work ahead of us. ____ This year, Compassion joins other humanitarian and child-focused organizations around the […]

date: November 14, 2019
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