We invite you to read our new YouVersion devotional for students navigating exam stress: The Complete Guide to Calming Exam Stress.

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This 7-day devotional reading plan, written by Compassion Canada writers Rebekah Malbrecht and Laura Phillips, includes encouraging Scriptures, helpful truth, stress management activities and daily checklists to help encourage and equip you through exam season. We explore how school stress impacts our bodies, minds, emotions and relationships with God and others and learn helpful strategies in each of those areas to help you not just survive exams, but thrive!

This devotional for students was designed with you in mind!

How do you find it?

  • You can access the devotional on desktop or mobile by visiting this link.
  • You can find it directly in the app by searching for “The Complete Guide to Calming Exam Stress”. Just look for this image in the Bible App:
Compassion Canada's new devotional for students, The Complete Guide to Calming Exam Stress: How to navigate school stress with compassion.

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Plan description: Exam time is stressful for every student, no matter where they are around the world. At Compassion, we believe that education is a gift and an important part of reaching our potential. Join us as we journey with you in navigating school and exam stress through this seven-day devotional with encouraging Scriptures, helpful truth, stress management activities and daily checklists.


Check this excerpt from day 1 of our new devotional for students!

Exam season is stressful, isn’t it? Lists and notes, subjects and grades, time and focus—all these things pile up in our minds and overwhelm us. You’re not alone!

Take a moment to visualize how you feel right now. Do you feel like you are in deep water? Do you feel like you are walking through thick mud? Do you feel like you are looking out at an approaching storm?

It’s okay to feel that way. In fact, in order to calm that stress, it’s important to start by acknowledging it and what it feels like for you.

Once you know where you are at, you can make a way forward. There is a path through exam stress that has peace, and you can choose to take it.

How do you walk this path of peace, even when you are feeling the pressure of exam season? How do you feel calm when in the deep water, the mud pit or the storm?


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