What would you do if you could advocate for children living in poverty through your business?

Compassion’s incredible business partners are doing just that in their workplaces daily.

Compassion’s business partners are employers and employees who donate, volunteer at Compassion events or write letters to Compassion children. With various business objectives, these men and women advocate and support the mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name every single day.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to three Business Partners making a significant impact with Compassion: Purpose Realty, Bartles Group Inc. and MC3 Manufacturing.

Grab a cup of coffee and read about these inspiring businesses!

Meet Brett Wellman from Purpose Realty (Calgary, Alberta)

A man stands in front of his house with a large cheque.

Sufi, a client of Brett and Purpose Realty, with his donation to Compassion.

Compassion Canada: Brett, tell us a bit about your business.

Brett Wellman: Purpose Realty offers real estate agent services, helping people buy and sell homes. The business itself is philanthropic in nature, giving over 50 per cent of its earnings to charity.

CC: What’s your favourite thing about being a business leader?

BW: My favourite thing about leading Purpose is stepping into the calling God has for my life and being a witness in the workplace, an encouragement to our team and a mechanism for God’s love to be shared tangibly by meeting the needs of others in our world.

CC: Why do you choose to partner with Compassion?

BW: Compassion is faithful and effective in their stewardship, professional as an organization, responsible in their spending and lives out their faith.

CC: Do you have a memorable moment from partnering with Compassion that you can share?

BW: Two things really stood out to me. The first was when a writer from Compassion shared my testimony in a blog, and the business started getting calls from across the country. This was a great encouragement to our business and our team.

Secondly, we love receiving reports with photos and stories of how funds have been used. We don’t give to see the results, nor do we wish to micromanage programs, but we trust Compassion in their endeavors and are blessed when we see how God’s funds are being used.

Learn more about Purpose Reality by visiting their website here. You can also connect with Purpose Reality on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet Dan Bartels from Bartels Group Inc. (Ancaster, Ontario)

A photo of construction workers on a roof looking down at infrastructure.

CC: Dan, can you tell us a bit about your business?

Dan Bartels: We serve the utility, construction and agriculture sectors.

CC: Why did you choose to partner with Compassion?

DB: Supporting Compassion’s mission to release the impoverished in Jesus’ name is an incredible opportunity. Relieving poverty is amazing, but doing so while sharing the bread of life and eternal hope is the ultimate pairing, and so to be able to partner with Compassion is literally a blessing for our organization.

CC: Do you have a favourite moment from partnering with Compassion that you can share?

DB: In reflecting on this relationship – which has led to much correspondence, discussions, prayers, evaluating values and priorities, etc. – I am thankful for God’s work, evidenced through the hard work of Compassion.

Learn more about Bartels Group Inc. by visiting their website here.

Meet Abe Klassen from MC3 Manufacturing Inc. (Kingsville, Ontario)

CC: Abe, can you tell us about your business?

Abe Klassen: We manufacture conveyors, and we do custom metal fabrication.

CC: Why do you choose to partner with Compassion?

AK: We care about people. We care about the people on our team, but we want to give them the experience of giving. If we live selflessly, it will change us more than anybody else. And if our team can experience that, it will make a difference in their and their families’ lives.

CC: Do you have a memorable moment from partnering with Compassion that you can share?

AK: Compassion came to the shop and did a presentation for everybody. A lot of us, myself included, struggled with letter writing. Compassion did a great job of taking the intimidation factor out of it. I love the engagement that I saw from the team.

Learn more about MC3 Manufacturing Inc. by visiting their website here.

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Written by Alexandria Ramoutar, contributing writer for Compassion Canada

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