A transformed life. What does that look like in your mind’s eye? Perhaps it looks vibrant, happy, peaceful or whole. What are the colours you see? The faces? What feelings does it bring up for you? In today’s blog, the images of a transformed life will jump from your imagination right onto your screen as you see your impact in children’s lives in some of our favourite photos.

Compassion’s world-leading holistic child development program means that a child’s life is truly transformed in every aspect. This whole-child approach to poverty alleviation means that your impact shows up in the bodies, minds, hearts and relationships of children living in poverty. It shows up in homes, classrooms, churches and entire communities!

Come see what transformed lives look like!

1. Nawmaybee’s full belly

A girl in a pale green t-shirt holds a plate full of food and smiles.

Amidst towering prices and dwindling resources, Nawmaybee’s family has nutritious food on the table because of a food package delivered by her Compassion centre.

2. Engaged minds in Rwanda

A classroom full of students facing a chalkboard. They have their hands raised.

Students are encouraged to fully participate in school activities knowing that education is key to ending the cycle of poverty. Justine, their teacher, knows this firsthand because she is a Compassion alumna.

3. A well-nurtured beginning

A mother in a yellow and blue dress holds a newboard baby wrapped in a light blue blanket.

In the oppressive heat of Tanzania’s dry season, when hunger is an existential threat and medical help beyond reach, the local church extends life-saving support to moms and babies like Fatma and baby Warda.

4. A healthy boy named Abel

A boy in a red jacket stands at a desk in a green room

With the support of his Compassion centre, Abel is now cancer-free after a three-year fight with stomach cancer. Now he dreams of becoming an electrical engineer.

5. Growing faith in Guatemala

A girl stands with her hands clasped in prayer in a yellow room. There are other children praying behind her.

“I like to pray. When I close my eyes, I feel how God sees me and pays attention to what I’m saying. In the moments of trouble, prayer brings peace to my heart, and in the moments of gratitude He brings joy,” says 8-year-old Alisson.

6. Rafael’s clean hands

A boy in a orange shirt stands at a sink washing his hands. He is smiling.

Rafael lives in the Sertão region of Brazil, which has an extremely arid climate and limited access to water. Thanks to his Compassion centre, his family has access to clean water.

7. A baby goat in Bangladesh

A small girl in a yellow dress stands holding a goat in front of a house with a thatched roof.

Sneha loves to play with her family’s baby goat before going to school. Her Compassion centre has come alongside the family to ensure they have resources while her father builds his shrimp farm.

8. Friends that add colour to your life

Three girls in red uniforms stand laughing together in front of a colourful wall.

Micel laughs with her friends at the Compassion centre she attends in Indonesia. They spend their snack break giggling together as they eat a nutritious snack.

9. Zulfa’s safe home

A girl stands inside a home looking out a window with bright blue shutters.

When Zulfa’s family was evicted from their home, their local church stepped in to provide shelter. Zulfa feels known, loved and protected in her new home because of the loving community that rallied around her family when they needed it most.

10. A dream come true

A young woman in a red shirt stands smiling beside a camera on a tripod.

Despite facing scarcity while growing up, Melissa was told at the Compassion centre that she could dream big and achieve her dreams. Now she is a local TV anchor and is thriving in journalism.

A picture says a thousand words, and it’s true. Every one of these pictures carries the same message:

Your compassion can transform lives.

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Photos by Piyamary Shinoda, Tigist Gizachew, Sara Navarro, Daniel Robson, Rachael Lauer, Emily Turner, J. Sangma, Javier Elis, Vera Aurima, Eric D. Lema and Juana Ordonez Martinez

Rebekah Malbrecht

Rebekah Malbrecht

Rebekah Malbrecht is a Content Specialist at Compassion Canada. She loves to wrestle with words, shape stories and document happiness. You're bound to find her where there are books, people and birthday cake.