If you’re like me, you wish that you could spend Christmas with all your loved ones—including your Compassion child! But sometimes, whether it’s long highways or wide oceans, physical distance makes it nearly impossible.

Well, we’ve got the next best thing.

Bienvenido from one of our church partners in Peru! You’re invited to a very special Christmas party! From Peru to Uganda—Compassion centres across the globe are celebrating Christmas with parties just like this! Do you hear the laughter? Do you smell the delicious food?

Come on in—you’re not too late. The party is just getting started!

Balloons being hung with care

Little girl wearing a red shirt is tying up a red balloon after blowing it up!

Centre staff and kids young and old are working hard to make the church look extra festive with balloons, banners and tinsel! Looking good, team!

 Peruvian food roasting on an open fire

A large black pan cooks meat over an open fire.

The cooks got here nice and early to prepare for the big feast. They’ve been planning for this day for weeks!

A girl sits at a table eating some chicken out of a bowl. She and her friends are smiling.

At the table, a festive Peruvian meal is being enjoyed by these girls to start the celebration. Yum, looks delicious, girls!

 Hark the (little) herald angels sing! 

Children singing songs on the stage with santa hats, crossing their arms!

Shhh! The show’s about to start. These children have been preparing, creating and practicing Christmas songs like this one for months. Bravo! Encore!

Yuletide carols being sung by the staff choir

A group of staff sing as a choir at the party.

Even the adults have a role to play in the Christmas party! They’ve practiced traditional songs to sing to the children. Sounds great, guys!

Telling it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born!

A pastor wears a traditional outfit, tipping his hat as he shares a Christmas message with the children.

Gather close as the pastor shares with the children, their parents and their siblings of the true Christmas story—of how God loves us so much that He sent His Son for us. Preach!

Bearing gifts, they travelled so far

Children dressed in costume reenact the manger scene outside below palm trees

Outside the church, some of the children have prepared a nativity re-enactment with golden crowns, silken robes and even a manger! Oh, come let us adore Him!

All I want for Christmas is…

Little girl has a big smile on her face as she leans over her gold-wrapped present

Time for presents! The staff of our church partners work hard leading up to the celebration to buy and wrap hundreds of presents, and distribute the gifts you’ve given!

Let’s take a look at what everyone got…

Thank you for joining the party! Christmas is a time where Compassion children get to celebrate, laugh and most of all—know that they are known and loved. Thank you for helping make Christmas a special time for Compassion children!

Help a child know they are known, loved and protected this Christmas!

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Photos and Video by Ryan Johnson and Betsy Grandez

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips is a Content Specialist at Compassion Canada. She is passionate about pursuing justice and mercy through writing, crafting, music, and sharing stories over a cup of strong coffee.