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The last year has been tough. By 2021, we hoped things would be better, but we’re still asking the same question:

“What good does the future hold?”

A photo mosaic of people doing helpful things. Leaving groceries on a door step. Baking with their kids. Coaching a hockey team. Holding a picture up to a window A photo mosaic of people doing helpful things. Leaving groceries on a door step. Baking with their kids. Coaching a hockey team. Holding a picture up to a window

The reality is, we simply can’t control what tomorrow brings. So maybe it’s time to ask new questions:

“What good does today hold? What good can I do today?”

Taking care of your family. Coaching your child’s hockey team. Dropping groceries off at your elderly neighbour’s house down the street. Donating to the food bank. Praying for someone at work.

Maybe the good we’re all looking for is already here, in the gift of each day. Maybe it’s about living life day by day. Not growing tired of spreading beauty in our homes and our communities. Maybe it looks like simple acts of kindness that ensure our brothers and sisters thrive.

What does your good life look like?

For us at Compassion, the good life is simple. It’s seeing children thrive.

You see, at Compassion, we’re committed to doing good each day, ensuring children and families around the world have all that they need to escape poverty. How do we do this? By being good neighbours.

We equip local churches around the globe to respond to the immediate and long-term needs of their neighbours. This ensures children and families trapped in poverty have the help and support they need from people within their own communities, so they can hope for tomorrow.

A girl, framed by coloured circles, stands boldly and smiles

But don’t just take our word for it.

A woman stands infront of a brick wall and laughs

What do former Compassion kids say about our program?

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A middle-school aged boy stands in a lush garden. His hands are in his pockets and he smiles

What do current Compassion kids say about our program?

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Rated as one of Canada’s best charities for financial integrity

And for Canadians who know and love us, the good life is simple too.

A woman in a pink jacket sits at her desk with a cup of coffe and some books. She smiles.

“I have been fundraising for Compassion in my business since November 2020. I decided to donate to Compassion because I absolutely love all the work they do and truly believe in what they are accomplishing.”


Calgary, AB

Brent and his wife stand in front of a wall full of pictures of their past and present Compassion children.

“My wife and I have been privileged to call many international boys and girls family by way of Compassion’s child sponsorship program over the years. It has been nothing but joy to be invited to serve in some small way in this God-loved ministry together.”


Rusagonis, NB

Andrea sits next to her sponsored child and smiles. She's visited his home on a sponsor trip.

“Someone once said, ‘it is not how much it costs, but how much it will cause.’ What God is ‘causing’ through Compassion in the lives of children is so tremendous and awe-inspiring, that any cost of volunteering (and there isn’t much) is counted a privilege.”


Toronto, ON

So, what will you do to spread some good today?

Here are some ideas:


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Learn more about us.

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Meet a child’s immediate need.

With a one-time donation, you can provide food, hygiene or housing support to a child impacted by the pandemic.

Give to our COVID-19 relief fund
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Change a child’s life, for good.

Through a relationship with a local church and a caring sponsor, a child living in poverty is able to flourish in mind, body and spirit, while discovering their true value in Christ.

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