“Five…four…three…two…one…” We count down the last moments of the year before the confetti flies, and we shout, “Happy New Year!” Isn’t it ironic that we often don’t give a second thought to those last few moments of the year during our countdown to the next? What makes a countdown meaningful?

Even if you don’t countdown to midnight and are already fast asleep by the time the clock strikes midnight (we see you!), we’d like to invite you to take a moment to make the countdown to 2024 one that is full of meaning. Together, we’ll reflect on your favourite stories, gifts and moments of impact from 2023 so that these last few moments of the year overflow compassion into 2024.

Let the countdown begin!

5 of your favourite social media posts

Three children are at the church's water faucets playfully splashing water out of a bucket.

This local church partner in Tanzania received the gift of access to clean water.

  1. This video about the impact of clean water

  2. This interview about child sponsorship with For King and Country

  3. These adorable kids holding hands

  4. This experiment with a water filter and Mountain Dew

  5. This exciting announcement about new Compassion countries

4 blogs you loved

Three children wearing red smile against a playground slide. You can see their development from 9 years ago.

These triplets are thriving in Compassion’s program.

1. How Compassion’s child development model helped these triplets

You loved learning more about our child development model by following the story of these beloved triplets in Uganda.

2. Dear parent: What’s the hardest conversation you’ve ever had?

You were touched by this family’s meaningful story of relief from the global food crisis and reflection on Psalm 13.

3. Class of 2023: Five Compassion graduates start a new chapter

You celebrated these five young adults who have completed Compassion’s program and saw the full impact of holistic child development as they confidently begin a new chapter.

4. Beginnings: How to start a life’s story with hope

You were inspired by the incredible birth stories of these babies and learned how important the start of a child’s life is to the rest of their story.

3 top devotionals on the Bible app

A boy sits on the ground reading a Bible in his lap.

Jonathan is passionate about reading his Bible and sharing the gospel with other kids.

1. If Only You Knew: An Easter Devotional

This 6-day devotional journeys through the events of Easter weekend, from the Last Supper to Resurrection Sunday, to reflect on how Jesus provided our salvation in every way.

2. God’s Honour for Our Shame

In this 7-day devotional, we explored how the gospel addresses shame and saw how God’s honour transformed not only people in the Bible but also people’s lives today!

3. A Global Advent: 25 Stories of God With Us Around the World

You joined us for 25 days of inspiring stories from the lives of children around the world in this Advent devotional. In these stories, you experienced how Christ’s hope, peace, joy, and love are vibrantly expressed in our world.

2 significant gifts from Giving Tuesday

A picture of a baby laying on blankets while smiling is side by side with a picture of a mother and child sitting in front of packaged food.

Newborn care packages and meals for families are impactful gifts that build bright futures.

Two gifts. Head-to-head. This Giving Tuesday, our goal was to give kids the basics for a bright future. To do that, we put two gifts—Meal for a Family and Newborn Care Package—head-to-head for a friendly competition.

We raised $30,260 for Meal for a Family, with Newborn Care Package making the race a close one at $26,679. But ultimately, we saw your generosity make children the real winners as they were equipped with what they need to thrive.

Celebrate the results

1 bottom-line impact:

More kids were released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Read our impact report

Thank you for joining us in this mission.

We wish you a happy, significant and impactful 2024!


Rebekah Malbrecht

Rebekah Malbrecht

Rebekah Malbrecht is a Content Specialist at Compassion Canada. She loves to wrestle with words, shape stories and document happiness. You're bound to find her where there are books, people and birthday cake.