What hopes are you entering the new year with? Perhaps not many after one too many years of disappointment. Or perhaps you are stubbornly hoping for brighter days.

Maybe you’re wondering: Do my choices to do good even matter?

What we know at Compassion is that Christ is a refuge for weary souls and provider for those in need. You matter. Your hope matters. What you bring to the world matters. Whether you need the hope of Jesus for yourself or to share with those around you, you can be confident that Christ is enough.

If you’re looking for a way to make a hopeful impact this year, we’ve curated some ideas below…


For the one who wants to read more Scripture.

A Bible open on a desk, surrounded by a full coffee mug, pens and a journal. A pair of hands holds the Bible open.

If engaging more deeply with Scripture is one of your goals for 2022, check out our Reading Plans on the YouVersion Bible App. Our devotionals range in length and topic to help you engage with Scripture and learn more about God’s heart for compassion and justice in our broken world.


For the one who wants more intentionality in their social media feeds.

A woman leaning back in a chair and scrolling on her smart phone.

Looking to re-curate your social media feeds in 2021 to infuse more global perspective and Jesus-centred stories of hope? Follow Compassion Canada on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!


For the one who wants to write more snail mail.

A Colombian girl in a blue t-shirt smiles as she reads a letter from her sponsor.

Wanting to slow down and write more words of life this year? We’re always looking for volunteer correspondents to write to Compassion children whose sponsors are unable to write to them. Letters are so important for the confidence and motivation of Compassion kids, and this is a great way to invest in the life of a child through letters, Scripture and words of encouragement. Email us for more information and to sign up to be a volunteer correspondent!


For the one who wants to mobilize their friends.

A graphic promoting our online fundraising platform

Perhaps you want to invite others in and multiply your impact. Check out our online fundraising tool that makes it easy to personalize a campaign and rally your friends to a cause you care about, whether that’s clean water, child protection, education or something else!


For the one who wants to join a community of mobilizers and advocates.

A collage of various volunteers engaging in various activities.

Did you know we have a network of diverse and passionate volunteers across Canada? This community of world changers and child advocates would love to welcome you into one or more unique ways to get involved! Learn more about volunteering with Compassion.


For the one who wants to make a regular, long-term investment.

A young Ecuadorian boy sits against a fence made of logs.

If you’re looking to make a monthly financial commitment and long-term investment into the fight against poverty, we invite you to sponsor a child. We’ve been doing child sponsorship for nearly 70 years, and we still wholeheartedly believe it’s one of the most worthwhile, fulfilling investments you can make. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the new year!


For the one who wants to give more spontaneously to meet urgent needs.

A young Bangladeshi child carrying an armful of groceries delivered by Compassion staff.

If you’re challenging yourself to give more spontaneously this year to meet immediate needs, you’ll want to bookmark our donation page, which is regularly populated with the needs emerging in the communities where we work. Whether you want to invest in disaster and crisis relief, education support, heath interventions, clean water, child and maternal health or something else, there’s something for everyone!


In 2022, we want to help you make an impact.

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