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What is sponsorship?

In simple terms, child sponsorship is the process of sending regular financial donations to support a child living in poverty. But at Compassion Canada, child sponsorship is so much more than just a transaction.

Former sponsored children share what your sponsorship can do…

Liz, a Compassion alumni, stands with here hands clasped in front of her, looking up and smiling. She is framed by a yellow circle


“I was six or seven years old when I found out my sponsor had chosen me. My family and I were glad about the news. I remember telling everyone, “I have a sponsor!” We knew that we would have access to food, school supplies like notebooks and pencils so I could go to school.”

– Liz, Peru

Owen, a Compassion alumni, wears a light blue dress shirt and dress pants. He looks up and smiles. He is framed by a yellow circle


“I would often go to bed hungry with no access to clean water or medical care. [My sponsor] gave me an opportunity to believe, hope and dream again. We knew that I would have access to clean water, food, medical care, and also have the chance to go to school.”

– Owen, Kenya

Martin, a Compassion alumni, wears a red dress shirt. He holds a picture of him when he was a sponsored child and smiles. He is framed by a yellow circle

Life skills

“Today, I work in the community. I serve in community development capacities where I work with different people. Being taught Compassion’s values of compassion, empathy and understanding to life’s challenges gave me the skill to [do what I do today].”

– Martin, Uganda

Ria, a Compassion alumni, wears a beige sports coat, white shirt and jeans. She looks up and off screen and smiles. She is framed by a yellow circle

Christ-centred confidence

“Knowing that someone cares for you, it changes you. That’s how I felt the love of Jesus—it was through my sponsor and the people at my Compassion centre.”

– Ria, Philippines

Impact made simple

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1. Choose a child to sponsor

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2. Select a payment method and frequency

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3. Connect with the impact of your sponsorship

Want more insight into the journey of sponsorship? We put together a practical roadmap to help you learn more!

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Why sponsor with Compassion?

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Local leadership

Compassion’s programs are led by local churches who are embedded in their communities and uniquely equipped to meet the needs of their neighbours.

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Proven impact

Both independent research and the stories of our alumni show what we’ve known for 70 years: child sponsorship transforms lives.

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Financial integrity

Compassion is a top-rated charity committed to the highest standards of financial stewardship and integrity.

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Investing in children

Children are the future—sponsorship is a hand of justice and love in a world where children living in poverty are often forgotten.

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Centred on Christ

Compassion is always committed to pursuing our mission not only in the name of Jesus, but the way of Jesus, too.

Get to know the stories of sponsorship.

Liz, a Compassion Alumni, stands and looks up to the sky.

The power of the Gospel: Liz’s story

Growing up in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Peru, violence, drugs and robberies were an everyday reality for Liz at the tender age of six.

It was hard to see past the overwhelming fear and imagine a future outside of her current surroundings. But today, Liz’s life looks like nothing she could’ve ever imagined, and she says it’s because she got to experience the overwhelming and tangible love of Jesus Christ.

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Liz, a Compassion Alumni, stands and looks up to the sky.

The gift of hope: Owen’s story

Owen and his two younger brothers lived with their mom in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, surviving on only $5 to $10 every month. Intense hunger and complete hopelessness were a daily reality for them until Owen’s eighth birthday, when received news that would change his life forever.

“It was beautiful to have somebody championing for you, telling you, ‘Keep going. Keep going. There is hope. There is light.’”

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Liz, a Compassion Alumni, stands and looks up to the sky.

A meaningful life: Eric’s story

Eric was 8 when his father passed away. Not only did his family lose their only source of income when his father died, but his father’s family also came and took everything from them in an act known as wealth grabbing—leaving them with nothing.

But that’s not where Eric’s story ends. He shares, “Oh, this was just a life-changing story altogether. We totally had nothing. And then there was this big ray of hope…”

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Liz, a Compassion Alumni, stands and looks up to the sky.

Growing in confidence and in Christ: Ria’s story

As she reflects on her time in the Compassion program, Ria shares this: “Knowing that someone cares for you, it changes you. That’s how I felt the love of Jesus—it was through my sponsor and the people at my Compassion centre.”

Ria didn’t always have the confidence to speak up or imagine a future full of promise for herself. But today, she is living a life free from poverty and using her voice as a passionate advocate for children.

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Liz, a Compassion Alumni, stands and looks up to the sky.

A life of service and giving back: Martin’s story

Martin grew up in a happy family of 11, filled with laughter and joy. But as he got older, the poverty that he, his family and his community faced became harder to ignore. He slowly became aware that he faced a future of overwhelming poverty.

Then one day, everything changed when Martin’s pastor shared about a new, exciting opportunity coming to their community: Compassion’s child sponsorship program.

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Jean wearing a white button up shirt and smiling broadly.

Impact that multiplies: Jean’s story

Jean was born in Trouin, Haiti. Many families, including his own, lived in poverty. “There was no safe drinking water, no electricity, no employment opportunities. One could say that it would be very difficult to function in these conditions.”

Life changed when Jean was registered at the Compassion centre at a local church. Because of Compassion’s child sponsorship program and a simple gift from his sponsor, the trajectory of Jean’s life would change. This simple gift made an impact that is still multiplying today.

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