You can change your automatic withdrawal information through the Update Your Information form on our website or by calling our office. Thank you for supporting Compassion.

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What are my donation method options?

March 19, 2013 10:49 am

Donations can be made by pre-authorized withdrawal (bank account or credit card), internet banking, telephone banking, Interac online, cheque or money order. These withdrawals can be made monthly or annually. Pre-authorized donations are safe, easy and convenient. Pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account is our preferred method of payment, as it saves Compassion hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in transaction fees. Automatic withdrawals can be setup through our website by completing the Update Your Information form or by calling our office. Cheques made out to Compassion Canada will be accepted, as will money orders. Unfortunately deposits can not be made directly into Compassion’s bank account.

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