You sure can! Whether you’re writing on our website or from your My Compassion account, you can attach one photo to your letter. If you would like to send additional photos, you can just send a blank letter and we will attach it to the original letter.

On My Compassion, the “Upload a Photo” button is in the top left corner of the message area. On the website, there is a blue button in the bottom left corner.

Write a letter and try sending a photo on My Compassion today!

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When you write a letter online, we send it digitally to the Country Office. From there, Compassion staff translate, print and deliver the letters (and photos) to your child. We are unable to send emails directly to your sponsored child but our online letter writing process is the next best option.

Write a letter today from your My Compassion account.

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Yes. Writing online means your letter bypasses our local postal service and will already be in digital format so we can forward it directly to the Country Office. From there, Compassion staff translate, print and deliver the letters (and photos, if included) to your child.

Write a letter today from your My Compassion account or through the website.

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You should not communicate with your sponsored child outside of the avenues provided by Compassion. While communication via social media like Facebook might save time and money, it comes at the expense of your safety and that of your sponsored child. We cannot guarantee everyone’s safety if we are not aware of what’s being communicated.

By serving as the conduit for communication between you and your sponsored child, we are able to watch for any content that may be inappropriate or culturally insensitive ã no matter how well intentioned or innocent a comment may be.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for someone who knows a child is sponsored to create an account on a social network and posing as that child, contact his or her sponsor asking for money. In this situation, the child may be facing the threat of physical harm if the money is not provided.

Finally, we have an obligation to protect the children in our care from sponsors who may not have the child’s best interests in mind. While we trust that those who sponsor with Compassion are doing so out of a love for Christ, we must be aware of what’s being communicated to ensure the child’s well-being.

Should you receive a friend request or a message from anyone claiming to be your sponsored child on Facebook or another social network or through any medium other than your letters from Compassion, please do not respond but rather contact us immediately at or 1-800-563-5437.

For more information on this subject, please read the following post from the Compassion blog: Why Can’t I Communicate With My Sponsored Child via Facebook?.

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Can I write to my sponsored child?

March 19, 2013 10:49 am

Yes. We encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored child, to include photos and cards and encourage them in their spiritual journey. Children love to receive letters and cherish them. They also love to write to their sponsors and to pray for them. Children are required to write to their sponsors a minimum of two letters a year.

To send a letter, card, paper play set or poster to your sponsored child through our website click here.

See how letter writing impacts a child in Ghana.

Read how receiving letters affects in child in Nicaragua.

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