Sports facility for youth in Brazil

Funding required: $14,500

This project will help: 238 Compassion-assisted beneficiaries

Estimated completion date: September 2022

Country: Brazil

Executive summary

Organized sports and recreational activities are widely understood to be beneficial for children’s holistic health. Beyond the benefits of physical exercise, students who participate in sports activities also develop positive traits like self-discipline, confidence and determination. They learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way and how to work with others to achieve a common goal. They often perform better in school, too.

São João Taupe is a neighbourhood in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil, where many children are growing up in poverty. Drug abuse, trafficking, family instability, gangs and crime are common problems. Recognizing the needs in their community, the Assembléia de Deus Templo Central in São João Taupe has been partnering with Compassion for 12 years to set children free from poverty by providing a holistic development program. The church understands the many physical, social and cognitive benefits of organized sports and wants to include these activities as part of their regular programming.

However, the community currently lacks a facility where team sports could be carried out safely. The centre has a large outdoor area they can use, but exposure to the sun and extreme heat makes it difficult to conduct activities successfully. The church sees a need in their community for a space that can facilitate beneficial activities for children and youth.

By installing a covered sports court facility, our partners want to expand their program activities and provide a valuable service to the community. This intervention would also include a variety of sports equipment so children can begin using the facility in a variety of ways. With a safe, appropriate leisure space, vulnerable children and youth can access the many benefits of sports and recreational activities, including self-esteem and physical and mental health. Through organized sporting events, the church hopes to help steer young people away from the influence of gangs, crime and drugs and give them the opportunity to build valuable skills to secure a positive future.

Did you know?

The neighbourhood of São João Taupe is relatively hot and humid year-round with the average high temperature sitting at 30.1 degrees Celsius.



The neighbourhood of São João Taupe has a population of about 27,500. The only recreational spaces are a community square and vacant soccer field, which is currently inactive and not maintained. Sadly, the area has a history of violence, homicides and assaults mostly caused by the use and trafficking of drugs, gang fights and abuse of alcohol. Since there are no positive leisure spaces or proper sports facilities, many children and youth become influenced by peers involved in these destructive activities.

Sports and recreational activities support children’s physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development and equip them with valuable life skills and improve their self-esteem. Our frontline church partners in São João Taupe, Brazil, want to provide a safe space for beneficiaries to enjoy the benefits of organized sports activities. However, the outdoor area they have been using is completely uncovered, leaving students exposed to the sun and extreme heat.

The need

Given the benefits of organized sports and recreation, Compassion’s church partners in São João Taupe want to include these activities in their holistic development program. However, the community lacks a sports facility, and extreme heat and sunlight have made it difficult to use uncovered outdoor spaces. The church wants to install a covered sports court where students can gather in a safe setting to enjoy activities that are beneficial for their health and development.

You can provide 238 at-risk children in São João Taupe with a fully covered sports court. We will also equip our partners with sports equipment, so they can begin holding activities as soon as possible. The space will also be used to facilitate competitions and events involving other local churches and Compassion centres.

What your gift will do

Your support will provide a covered sports facility and equipment for the Compassion centre in São João Taupe:

  • Preparation of land
  • Laying of the court surface
  • Installation of cover
  • Finishing
  • Labour
  • Protective equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Reporting and translation


  • Local contribution: US$2,591.81
  • Handling of funds: Compassion Brazil will ensure that this intervention remains within budget. The church and centre leadership will hire a company to build the sports court and install the facility cover.
  • Follow-up: The church partner will hold a thanksgiving ceremony to officially open the facilities and the Compassion centre will host a party day consisting of a variety of sports and games for the beneficiary children. Centre programming will incorporate age-appropriate sports and driven recreation events each week.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.