Safe washrooms

Funding required: $16,200

This project will help: 583 children

Estimated completion date: October 2022

Country: Thailand

Executive summary

Children deserve to use the bathroom with dignity and safety. Right now, that’s not an option for the 583 beneficiary children from two Compassion centres near the Thai–Myanmar border in northern Thailand.

Rainy seasons and years of over-use have disintegrated the existing washroom facilities. The roofs leak, the floors are waterlogged, the walls are collapsing and the toilets and door locks are broken—rendering the dilapidated bathrooms no longer safe for children to use.

As a temporary solution, the registered Compassion beneficiaries have been using the toilet at their pastors’ homes on program days. While generous of the pastors, household bathrooms are simply not adequate for that many children—especially for the little boys, who can’t wait long and end up going right outside the classroom. Some older children have learned to hold their bladders, resulting in urinary tract infections.

Long lineups mean the Compassion tutors don’t have enough time to teach the children the planned curriculum lessons, so their academics are suffering in addition to their health and well-being. Not only are the bathrooms insufficient to accommodate the children and parents for activities, but they are causing harm to the little ones whom the churches have promised to nurture and protect. The risks are high, but the solution is simple.

With your generosity, Compassion’s two faithful church partners will construct new, larger, safer washrooms to accommodate more children—with separate sections for boys and girls and hand washing stations. Your gift will ensure that 583 children—as well as their parents and Compassion staff—can enjoy the safety and dignity of clean, private washroom facilities, while learning how to safeguard their bodies through personal hygiene habits.

Did you know?

Since 2020, both Thailand and Myanmar have experienced chaos due to protests, while the flow of refugees fleeing to Thailand has created a border crisis.



For 12 years, Pra Kun Kao Lang Church (TH0334) in Thailand has been faithfully partnering with Compassion to provide holistic care to children from a variety of ethnic groups so they can be released from poverty in Jesus’ name. At first, there were not many children attending the Compassion centre, so the limited washroom facilities were adequate. But with more families migrating from Myanmar, over time the community has come to trust the church as they have shown God’s love and provision for more and more families. The rundown washrooms simply can’t serve 156 children any longer.

Likewise, lack of access to sanitation facilities is a significant challenge facing Poh Poh Lay Church (TH0829), which has been serving its community for three years through the holistic Compassion Child Development Program. Community members and local organizations have come to respect and trust the church leadership and staff after seeing huge changes in the children’s lives. But there are only two dilapidated bathrooms for all 427 children.

The need

Clean and safe washroom facilities are urgently needed for two church partners in northern Thailand, currently serving 583 beneficiary children. Water damage and overuse have left the current church washroom facilities unsafe and unusable. Their communities trust them to care for their little ones, but right now they don’t have adequate facilities to do so.

Your generous investment in sanitation facilities will ensure boys and girls are given the dignity and protection of using hygienic and private bathrooms when they attend their local Compassion program. The Pra Kun Kao Lang Church (TH0334) will build a 10-block latrine facility—five latrines for boys and five latrines for girls, to serve 155 children, as well as Compassion staff and church members. The Poh Poh Lay Church (TH0929) will build eight latrines—four for boys and four for girls—to serve 427 children, and centre staff and church members. Hand washing basins will be installed on either side of the latrine blocks at both centres. Children and their parents will learn about daily hygiene habits like hand washing to reduce the risk of illnesses like urinary tract infections and diarrhea so they can focus on school, thrive in their relationships and live out their God-given potential.

What your gift will do

Your financial investment will fund the construction of washroom facilities (one ten-block facility and one eight-block facility) for two church partners in Thailand, including:

  • Steel and wood structure
  • Rock, sand, cement, bricks and cement blocks
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Electrical work
  • Toilets and sinks
  • Manual and skilled labour
  • Cleaning materials


  • Local contribution: US$2,074.90 (US$1,762.58 for TH0334 and US$312.32 for TH0829)
  • Handling of funds: Compassion Thailand will work in collaboration with the two church partners to manage the budget and construction.
  • Monitoring and follow-up: The churches will establish a latrine-cleaning schedule to ensure the good use and maintenance of the new facilities. The project managers will work in collaboration with the partnership facilitators and teams to design a satisfaction survey and project evaluation.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.