Investing in the Church in Peru

Name of church plant: Nuevo Bagua Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Peru

Location of church: Nuevo Bagua, Bagua Province, Amazonas Region, Peru

Funding required: $90,000

Compassion partners exclusively with local churches to implement our programs in the world’s poorest communities. We believe the Church is uniquely called, commissioned and equipped by Jesus Christ to continue His mission of “proclaim[ing] good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18). Building relationships with more local church partners allows Compassion to open more child development centres and reach more children who otherwise may not receive the practical care and exposure to the gospel provided by Compassion’s holistic child development model.

Compassion Canada is seeking an investment of $90,000 to fund the construction of essential core facilities for a new church plant in Peru and the launch of a Compassion child development centre at this new church.

Community in need:

Compassion Peru has recently identified a need for a local, Christ-centred church that preaches and lives out the gospel in the Nuevo Bagua community of Peru. This region in central Peru is known for its rugged terrain, deep gorges and numerous tributaries.

Nuevo Bagua is a young community that has been growing in recent years, established by families experiencing great economic need who are eager to improve their standard of living. Children make up 21 per cent of the community, with their parents struggling to make ends meet through casual labour. Men often work as street traders or farmhands while women do housework. Homes in Nuevo Bagua are simple: adobe walls, corrugated metal sheet roofs and either cement or dirt floors.

There is a great spiritual need in Nuevo Bagua as there are no other local churches that are preaching the gospel or caring for children.

Vision and opportunity:

This church plant was proposed to Compassion by the mega church La Hermosa Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Peru. The Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Peru is a denomination of 800 established churches, which has already planted 20 other churches in Peru, 10 of which are Compassion church partners.

Located only 8 kilometres away from the proposed church plant, La Hermosa, the “mother church,” plans to joyfully send volunteers to Nuevo Bagua to support evangelistic activities in the community, serve the Compassion-supported children and send discipleship and evangelism materials.

Pastor Nolberto serves as pastor of the mother church that is recommending the church plant in Nuevo Bagua. He is committed to mentoring Pastor Roberto, who is eager to serve as the church planter of the “daughter church.” Each month, the two pastors will gather to strengthen one another spiritually and discuss the progress and outreach of the church plant.

Pastor Roberto and his wife Lilia have three children: Mayck, Jhan and Andrea. Roberto is a responsible, caring, reliable man who loves to share the good news of salvation and help families in need. He has training in both journalism and theology, and has served in ministry for two years. His journalism job will help provide for his monthly income. Pastor Roberto connects well with children and is passionate about working with impoverished children and their families.

After careful consideration and prayer, Compassion sees this as a wise opportunity to invest in the local church in a new region to extend the reach of the gospel and release more children from poverty in Jesus’ name.


Your investment will fund the construction of essential core structures for the new local church partner and launch a Compassion-assisted child development centre at the church. With your help, the message of Jesus Christ and His tangible love will be delivered through relationships built in the context of a loving local church family.

The church has already secured the land and is ready to start building. Volunteers from the mother church who are skilled in construction will help build the church facilities. We plan to negotiate with local authorities to rent construction machinery, as well as request funding through freewill offerings from church members. We anticipate it will take four months to build the church and classrooms for the Compassion Child Development Program. We have experience conducting construction projects at the mother church and at two other church plants.

Your generous investment will equip this new church partner to shine brightly as it displays the love of Christ—serving families by meeting practical needs and sharing the good news about Jesus. Once established, it will be able to welcome boys and girls into the Compassion program where they will be nurtured and mentored, receive nutritious meals and medical checkups and gain relevant life skills that will serve them well as they mature into confident, Christian adults.


No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.