All contributions of $10 or more to Compassion Canada are tax deductible in Canada. To be eligible for a receipt, all year end gifts and donations to Compassion must be received by December 31st. Compassion receipts for income tax purposes are issued by February 28th of the following year. The receipt will be mailed to donors as well as be available for download at Receipts must be retained for tax purposes.

Our CRA Business number is 11887-1516 RR0001

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Yes, it is possible for a group to sponsor one child. We have a few options to make donations simpler.

For a group of up to five people, we can set up separate accounts for each sponsor and connect them to the same child. Each person is responsible for their own donations and can choose the withdrawal option (credit card, bank withdrawal, check, online banking, etc.) that best suits them.

If the group consists of more than five people and individual tax receipts are required, please submit the names, contact information and donation amounts for each contributor to our office. We assign one person to be the main contact. That person is responsible for coordinating donations based on the group’s preference. Alternatively, anyone in the group is welcome to send donations using the group’s supporter number.

Follow the link to search for a child your group can sponsor.

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