You are welcome to send a family gift of $40 to $1,000 per calendar year. You can specify that your sponsored child’s family use your gift for livestock by simply asking us to attach a Gift Instruction to your gift. However, the family is free to use the gift for their greatest need. The centre staff will talk with the child and family to help them to spend your gift in the wisest way, with the best long-term improvement for the family. You can send a family gift through your My Compassion account or by calling our office.

Read more about how impactful the gift of livestock can be!

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In addition to your monthly sponsorship donation and encouraging letters, you may wish to send gifts to your sponsored child. We are delighted when sponsors decide to provide additional support. We do not mail parcels because delivery in developing countries is unreliable and expensive, but you are able to send paper items like stickers, posters and colouring pages.

We also provide an opportunity to send a monetary gift. The options are: Birthday Gift, General Gift, Family Gift or Child Development Centre Gift. Compassion Canada forwards 100 per cent of the money to purchase a gift in the child’s community. Child Development Centre staff assist children and their families to ensure funds are used appropriately and to discuss how to best use the gift to benefit the child and family. If you have a specific gift in mind, we will forward your suggestion, but ultimately the child or their family will make the final decision.

Send your child a gift online.

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You should receive a letter from your sponsored child acknowledging your gift and how the gift money was used. Please remember that each letter may take up to two months for translation and delivery. Please check the date of your child’s letter to work out whether he or she would have received your gift before they last wrote back to you. Many times, the children aren’t writing to you on the same day that they receive your gift. Instead, they reply on a scheduled day when all the children at the project write to their sponsors. They may be writing back some weeks or even a month after they receive your gift, so they may not remember whether to acknowledge what you have sent them. Compassion is working on a process to ensure that every child acknowledges every gift they receive from their sponsor.

If you are in doubt whether your sponsored child has received your gift, you are welcome to write and ask or contact our office so we can follow-up on this gift on your behalf. We can be reached at 1-800-563-5437 or through email at

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You are welcome to send a family gift of $40 to $1000 per calendar year. The centre staff will talk with the child and family to help them to spend your gift in the wisest way, and 100% of your gift money will go directly to the family.

To send a gift online through your My Compassion account click here or contact us for more information.

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Compassion’s child development ministry is not based on material handouts. We facilitate individual child development by providing learning opportunities that a child may not encounter in another situation. Learning is central to Compassion’s mission-we provide life skills that foster each child’s success. Learning opportunities also are provided for parents, which enables them to improve their parenting skills and provide for their families. Therefore we do not allow extra money to be given every month, but there are several opportunities over the year for you to bless your sponsored child and family with a special monetary gift.

To give a child, family or project gift online click here or connect with our office directly.

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It is possible to send financial gifts to your sponsored child, however, these gift funds are to be allocated to the child’s greatest need as determined by local staff and the child’s family.  Depending on the gift amount and the family needs at the time the gift is received, the gift could be allocated to further education opportunities for your child or another pressing family need.

Child and family gifts can be sent once per calendar year. To learn more, please check out the gift section of your My Compassion account or connect with our office directly.


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How do I send a Christmas gift?

November 13, 2019 9:52 am

You can send a Christmas gift to your sponsored child by making a donation to the Christmas Gift Fund.

We recommend giving $25 per child. Donations to the Christmas Gift Fund are pooled to ensure no Compassion-assisted child goes without a gift, even if they are not yet sponsored. Gifts that might be purchased for the children by the child development centre staff include clothing, shoes, small toys, household items, linen, food and livestock.

You can donate to the Christmas Gift Fund online or by calling our office .

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How do I send a family gift?

November 13, 2019 9:54 am
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You can send a family gift online through your My Compassion account or by contacting our office directly. Family gifts can range from $40 to $1,000 per calendar year. Families often use gifts to buy livestock, items to repair the home, food, clothing, or bedding. 100% of your gift reaches your sponsored child’s family. Your financial gift to your sponsored child is greatly appreciated as it brings joy and help to ease the struggles of poverty.

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